Aldi and Lidl both really really popular now

"Mmmm Earlobe risotto! Yum!"
"Mmmm Earlobe risotto! Yum!"

Over 50% of British shoppers shopped at Aldi, Lidl and the like last month, the joint highest on record with January this year.

The grocery think tank IGD said that 51% of consumers went and stocked up on Latvian pickles and wetsuits in the cheap stores, compared with 37% in 2011.

This is hardly news when you realise that Aldi and Lidl have seen their sales increase by a third in the three months to May 2014.

The market share of the discounters is set to get higher as IGD predicts that they will take 10.5 per cent of grocery spending by 2019, up from 6.2 per cent now.

A lady named Joanne Denney-Finch, who is the IGD chief executive, said:

“People are now more willing to shop around at different types of grocery formats, such as convenience stores, discounters or buying online. They have more options available to them than ever before. Our ShopperVista research shows that on average shoppers are using four retail formats a month to buy their food and groceries."

Of course, Lidl and Aldi are quite made up with this news

A Lidl spokesman reckoned: “more and more people are realising the incredible value we offer and that they can do their full weekly shop at Lidl without needing to go anywhere else”.

Before blowing his own trumpet and bellowing:  “We've now won over 795 food and drink awards since 2008 which, along with reaching our record market share of 3.6% (as reported by Kantar World Panel this month), is a clear sign that our supermarket is appealing to a broad audience and that we're successfully anticipating the needs and demands of our customers.”

A rival spokesman for Aldi continued in this 'Yay us' mood with:

"Shoppers can save money every time they visit Aldi rather than having to wait for short-lived supermarket promotions and price cuts.”

We said brand loyalty was dead and Tesco and Morrisons are finding that out the hard way.

Well done everyone.


  • God
    Both Aldi and Lidl have some large gaps in their product ranges, so claiming you can do your entire weekly shop there is not strictly true. You can buy nappies, wipes and weaning foods, but not baby milk or nappy sacks. You can buy crumpets and waffles, but very rarely will you find syrups to put on them. You can buy spaghetti, tagliatelli (after a 2 month hiatus), and fusili, but you cant buy macaroni. Having said that, I do 90% of my shopping at my local Lidl.
  • Alexis
    They're awful and I can't see the appeal. Most of the stores are full of Poundland non-food tat, and you basically have to do the rest of your shop at a 'normal' supermarket. I'd rather save the time and do it all at Asda. You're basically exchanging your own time for a small saving.

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