Alcohol posted to your door just as you run out?

It’s a good job we don’t have a drinking problem in this country. After all, if binge drinking is a thing, a new system that posts hard liquor to your door would be a bad thing, right?

spirits bookshelfApparently not. ‘Conviviality’ provider Pernod Ricard, whose brands include Beefeater Gin, Jameson's whiskey and the delightful Malibu and Kahlua, has announced a new system, called project Gutenberg, which will do just that. Instead of unsightly and garish bottles, that ultimately end up lying accusingly in your recycling bin, the new system comprises sleek spirit ‘books’ that sit on a computerised bookshelf.

The books contain sealed units of spirits that are measured by the computer, which can then tell you when you’re running low, or out of spirits. Of course, most people can also tell when they are running low, or are out of spirits by looking at the bottle. However, the new system is designed to link in with an online ordering system, to make sure a fresh ‘book’ arrives at your door just as you slurp that last shot, as well as intelligently advising you which cocktail you can make given your current stash of spirits. It doesn't, however, tell you when you've had enough, improve your dance moves or help clean up coconut-scented vomit.

Although the system is only a prototype at the moment, Pernod Ricard are sure that digitally-enhanced spirits are the way to go. Pierre Pringuet, Pernod Ricard’s chief executive, said: "The conviviality of the future is a connected conviviality: mobile, instant and exponential, with its main vehicle for dissemination being the digital revolution.

"We have never had so many digital friends. But ultimately, this conviviality must first and foremost allow us to come together to share new consumption occasions with new friends."

We think he may be drunk. Or French. Or both.


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    Sam, you might want to ask Project Gutenberg - who provide free books online- what they think of the misuse of their name.

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