Al fresco dining for people with more money than sense

We're starting to suffer the unavoidable sensation that the world has finally gone quite, quite mad. There has been plenty of evidence pointing to this conclusion already; now here's the irrefutable proof.

Events In The Sky offer to take those mundane everyday occurrences - business meetings, dinner, your wedding - and hoist them 50 metres off the ground; plenty of height to kill you. How do they create this wondrous effect? A glass floor? Mirrors? Special effects? No. They attach you, your chair and everything else to a bloody big dirty crane:

You purchase the set-up for an eight hour day, then do what the hell you want - cocktail parties, dinner parties, budget meetings, Bar Mitzvahs - whatever really. You just need to provide the ground to stick the crane on, any food you want the chefs to prepare (yes, you get them too) and 90 metres of steel barriers to stop anybody throwing petrol bombs from below. Because if I saw a twat in a suit eating foie gras while suspended by a crane, I would.

This company was established in 2006, so if it's old news to you we apologise. We just haven't seen anything this spell-bindingly stupid since the Pomegranate Phone. Er.


  • Amanda H.
    Who are those guys in the picture? David Blaines Relatives?
  • Darren W.
    what do you do if you need the bathroom?
  • Bob
    Toilet facilities... It’s like in a normal restaurant: you ask where they are to the waiter and… you go down. It’s just a bit less discrete because the whole table goes down but it takes less than a minute.
  • Anna
    If I was having a glass of wine up there, the crane would be going up and down every 5 minutes!
  • Mr C.
    Looks like something out of a Austin Power's movie, with dr evil at end of the table lol
  • Darren W.
    looks more like Fat B*stard

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