Al Fayed flogs Harrods for £1.5 billion - Diana responds!

harrods_logo Mohammed Al-Fayed has sold his big corner shop Harrods to the Qatar royal family for an eye-watering sum of around £1.5 billion, a tidy profit on the £615 million he paid for it in 1985.

Al Fayed has been most famous in recent years as the owner of Fulham FC and for his unrelenting belief that his son Dodi and Princess Diana were murdered in Paris in 1997.

Bitterwallet contacted the ghost of Princess Diana via her Twitter account for her exclusive reaction to the news. She told us:

Dodi_and_Diana_Memorial“I’m literally over the moon. This news might mean that old liver chops is finally going to retire and stop banging on about what happened on that mental night in Paris. There was no murder, no conspiracy – I was hammered and someone said something about Super Mario Kart and then bang, that was it. Game over.

I hope the new owners are going to pull down that shrine of me and Dodi that they’ve got in there as well. It’s a shit heap and an unauthorised one at that. If you really want to pay your respects, get yourself along to my official memorial fountain today. I’ve hidden a signed copy of the Candle In The Wind CD somewhere in there. Finders keepers for the first one who spots it.

Tell you what, I’ll even knock 15% off anything with my face on it in any of them tourist souvenir tat shops in London this weekend. Just quote ‘dead princess’ at the till and they’ll knock the money off for you. Sweet.”

We were unable to get a response from Mohammed Al Fayed because he doesn’t appear to be on Twitter.


  • Paul N.
    Depending on the yearly profits it might not have been a great return on money. If he had put it away and got 5% annually he would have over £2b by now.
  • cover c.
    Would just like to applaude the use of a Diana joke! "People's Princess" my backside! £1.5 billion is an absolutely insane amount of money, surely they shops turnover is miniscule in comparison?
  • Issac M.
    @ Paul I would presume he hasn't run it as charity for the last 25 years i.e he's made an operating profit from his original investment
  • Blake
    Nice plug there for your personal you take requests?
  • Yogi N.
    WTF? Is dis real
  • Nobby
    Diana is not dead. She has been forced by Al-Fayed to rub linament oil on the Fulham players when they have groin strain. If Fulham gets sold, she may finally get to escape from the cage.
  • zeddy
    This is so tasteless. Very like when Reg changed his "wankin' in the bin" to that mawkish shite he paraded at her funeral, god bless im.
  • Paul N.
    @Isaac - right it doesn't cover any profit in the years. Regardless I've just read the £615 was actually for the whole House of Fraser group which included Harrods so he's probably done well on the capital gain alone.
  • Nobby
    I would have paid £616 for the whole group.
  • Lorna
    That is quite honestly the funniest blog post I've read in a long, long time!

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