Airmiles threaten to close accounts to drum up business

Christ. Talk about scaring the money out of your customers. Call us a bunch of miserable cynics - plenty have - but in our opinion this is one of this most desperate tactics to drive business we've seen.

Airmiles have sent a letter to nearly two million customers stating that if they don't collect any miles in the next six months, their accounts will be closed and all miles previously collected will be lost. Seemingly there's a clause in the terms and conditions that states accounts can be shut if there's no activity in a two-year period. Of course it's never been an issue until now, just another innocuous rule that only counts when it suits the company in question.

Plenty of people who've bought into the Airmiles way of thinking - there are some six million customers in the UK - may not have been concerned with collecting them recently, given that you can't eat them or use them to pay the gas bill when the redundancy money runs out. Don't they know there's a recession on? Well yes, and Airmiles is suffering as consumer spending plummets. Just as well then, that thousands of customers who received a letter have panicked and begun buying products and services that accrue miles, according to a spokesperson.

Rubbish. Next week, the UK automotive industry announces that a new car cures cancer. Bang it up your arse.



  • Joff
    My parents had built up a lovely number of Airmiles but didn't really have any intentions to use them so when the letter came through they cashed them all in for 60 bottles of Laithwaite's finest vino. If you can't beat them, get pissed.
  • phil m.
    I had thousands collected and wanted to cash them in at Xmas on some wine. Turns out that if you haven't collected any miles in the last 12 months, you have to pay £30 for the privilege of spending your own miles! Anyway I bought something through ebay to collect an airmile and hopefully I'll cash them in soon. Airmiles is really a load of balls and not worth collecting.
  • B A.
    Further confirms my poor opinion of big business! Its simply us against them. Who are we kidding that these big companies give a dam for anything except taking your money, any way they can!
  • Martin
    They have sent out these letters in the past. I had a few airmiles (about 10% of the number required to fly from London to Paris, excluding taxes) that I didn't care about as you can get cheaper fares without using airmiles. They sent me a letter saying they would expire (and they did expire) - this was about two years ago. I knew about the two year rule, but didn't care about losing them.
  • Kevan
    Hmm , never even tried them. Only been on a plane a couple of times. First from London Heathrow to Sydney then back again...
  • r m.
    Its more than drumming up business, they sell the miles to retailers and then when the passenger books airmiles have to pay for the flight. By writing of the miles they save the money the retailers have paid them. Additionally their insurance policy to cover the miles sold will drop. This is a cost cutting exercise. Complain to tescos and ask that your vouchers are transferred back to clubcard points.
  • paul m.
    I lost 9000+ airmiles collected since they started. They were useless anyway. I always got a better deal elsewhere which I suppose is why I have not used them.

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