Microsoft turn to gun-loving Tron Guy to sell more PCs

Just because the Bitterwallet office is full of Mac-loving folk, it doesn't mean we get dragged into the inane fanboy skirmishs of Mac vs PC. For example, we quite like Microsoft's I'm a PC campaign, promoting the world's great and good PC users, by highlighting their astounding, enlightening or perfectly routine lives.

That said, you've got to wonder what the blithering hell Microsoft are thinking by asking Tron Guy to appear in one of their official ads:

Seriously, would you consider buying a PC on the basis of this? What it says about Microsoft products is that they're out-of-touch, stuck-in-the-past, slow, laughable, desperate to fit in and strictly for losers.

Having said that, we've just visited Tron Guy's website and checked out his blog. Forget what we said - any guy who buys no less than six guns for reasons other than hunting is categorically not a loser. No way. Great guy. Wouldn't hear a word said against him.

Good call, Microsoft.


  • well w.
    great costume. feel like making one for myself.
  • Anonymous
    I love tron guy!
  • Mike
    On the topic of Im a PC im a Mac - the Microsoft website had campaign images to promote the PC over the Mac. One look at the metadata for these images told you that they were created on ...Macs! nice to know Microsoft have so much belief in their own product! Not only that but the adverts featuring celebs using PCs in fact featured numerous celebs who use and/or promote the use of Macs! Looks like they put as much thought into that cmapaign as they did their operating system - It may look fancy and nice but really, its full of flaws and the people who know computers know its a sack of shit.

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