confused robot As if Christmas Day TV hasn't enough treats in store for everybody, adland is really going all out in making commercials based around pointless comedic characters.

Not only do you have a meerkat being axed, if you're unlucky enough to find yourself in front of Downton Abbey's Christmas special, you'll be faced with a series of three ads for "starring" their mascot Brian the Robot.

The hapless droid will find itself in danger, as he becomes attracted to a super-powered magnet.

Yes, people have been paid to put thought into this.

It will also be introducing new brand characters, the Herberts, who save Brian from a sticky end in a junkyard. Come back Argos aliens, all is forgiven.

The whole affair is part of a fully integrated campaign to engage with social media. People who give a shit, will be able to interact with the hashtag #HelpBRIAN, which will lead them to a microsite wherein they can tell the imaginary construct jokes and be thanked with a personalised message.

Fiona Creedon, head of advertising at, said: “This is an exciting new chapter in the Brian the Robot story. We are delighted to introduce the Herberts, Brian’s team of sidekicks, to the British public. We are looking forward to an eventful year ahead as the Herberts and Brian’s story unfolds.”

Bloody hell.

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