Adults eating baby food. Really?

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So then, have you had your Sunday lunch yet? What did you have? Roast beef, chicken, pork, all the trimmings? Or did you have a delicious jar of Cheesy Vegetable Jumble, manufactured mostly for stage 3 children (10 months and above)?

According to Claus Hipp, proprietor of the Hipp organic baby food range, one in four of his customers are adults who enjoy his nutritious meals for themselves rather than give them to a pesky nearby baby. Dunno what the babies are getting instead – kebabs?

Herr Hipp claims that the bewildered elderly are keen consumers of his mushed grub, given that many of them don’t have any teeth any more, but he says that the nutritious goodness of his baby food is a turn-on for healthy eaters and dieters.

In fact, it was alleged that footy boss Neil Warnock used to urge his players to eat baby food when he was the manager of Sheffield United, believing that if it was good enough for babies it would certainly do for his squad of soccer hopefuls.

Let’s put Herr Hipp’s claims to the test to see if there’s any truth in it or whether it’s just another piece of Rentokil-style PR horse shit with a quick poll. You’ve got until noon tomorrow to let your voice be heard...


  • zeddy
    Fair's fair. Neil Warnock is a bit of a cheesy bastard.
  • JGN
    none of the above. i buy baby food and feed it to my baby gecko's for a nutrition boost. hope theres no glass fragments in there like in the 80's
  • andyofyarm
    I buy babies for food.
  • Glen
    I would like to point out that many years ago, supermarkets used to sell cans of stewed apple. This was basically the fleshy parts of the apples, de-cored and de-pipped, blended to provide a nice smooth paste. Sadly, they all stopped selling it, and it was by far the most amazing topping to have on pancakes come Shrove Tuesday. The nearest I've found to this, and believe me I've looked is Hipp's Apple Puree. It tastes exactly the same. I could make my own, but for 30p a jar give or take - it's just easier to throw a couple of these into my basket and save myself a good 20 mins doing something I have no idea how to do anyway. I wouldn't go as far as to say I've tried their other "meals" but I've heard from my sister that the chocolate pudding is rather nice, and is worthy of trying.
  • alexandrov
    I have been reliably informed by mrs alexandrov that a lot o celebs eager to fit into their ghastly dress in time for the big award ceremony will only eat this.
  • Ronnie
    i love babies, but i couldn't eat a whole one.
  • Businessman
    Quite a few baby foods are nice on toast as a change from Beanz. You need to look in the toddler rather than baby varieties, unless you like mush. They come in a handy small tin as well which is dead good for a quick snack.
  • Stuart R.
    Before becoming a multi national retailer chairman, I used to indulge in a spot of Roast Vegetables and Lamb jar of baby food when chewing became a chore. Sadly, my own company does not even run baby food as a line of products.
  • heather
    I used to feed it to my kids when they were being weaned onto proper food but always thought it tasted disgusting, the only baby food I like are rusks, now they are delicious, although has anyone else noticed how small they are, they used to be huge, or is it just that ive got bigger?
  • tits
    i like rusks
  • Plastic C.
    [...] Adults eating baby food. Really? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Morocco
    mmmm. Rusks.
  • Raising C.
    [...] Adults eating baby food. Really? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Leena Y.
    wow..amazing that will be healthy :) hehehe
  • Baby h.
    My wife keeps it a secret, but she eats Ella's baby food all the time. Bought it for our baby and now eats it herself to get her figure back. Pure vanity, but works!
  • chickenlove
    Awesome ideas on this site, thanks. I actually took the plunge and got me some chickens last week! Now I have so many eggs like you wouldn't believe. You might be interested in these egg recipes.
  • Stephen S.
    I have seen this a lot on youtube now for example
  • kerry
    I've been eating Gerber's and Heinz baby foods for over 35 years now,and I just turned 60.I go through 6 to 12 jars in any given month,and only the desserts.Its only pureed fruits......
  • Hipp
    Mother must make natural food

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