Ad Man Behind 'Greatest Complaint Ever'


Following the publication of ‘The World’s Greatest Complaint Letter’, we’re feeling a bit icky having learned that the author of the letter is a creative with top ad agency WCRS.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Sir Richard Branson has replied in person to Oli Beale’s stinging criticism of the cuisine he was served up on a Virgin flight to Mumbai. Oli has even been offered the chance to work as a food-tester for the company, although it has not been confirmed if he will be taking Branson up on the offer.

Although everyone concerned has stressed that the letter was genuine, because of Beales’ involvement with an ad agency, we’re now adopting a cynical stance and are writing the whole thing off as a PR stunt. Everyone knows that anyone in advertising and marketing should kill themselves – Bill Hicks said so (see below – CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE INDEED, OH YES.)


  • The B.
    Seriously though, kill yourselves.
  • Andy D.
    15 years next month since Bill died. His mother is on the Letterman show tonight to receive an apology for the producers cutting his 13th and final stand-up spot on the show a few months before his death.
  • Fred C.
    No, that was a genuine letter but the PR for Virgin took the letter and passed it on to his friend for an undisclosed sum of money with £x,000 in a wine bat in High Holborn and it subsequently went to to agency WCRS who claim the work is his own for a PR stunt.
  • The B.
    Andy, good to hear that, but will they show the material? It's the pro lifer stuff which they figured would offend their Christian moral majority.
  • Andy D.
    Apparently the chopped routine will be shown in full as well - Mrs Hicks is the only person who still has a copy of it. The thing that pissed Bill off the most was that during the original show in 93, one of the ads in the commercial break was for a pro-life group. I'm sure it will appear *somewhere* on the interweb in the next 24-36 hours.... BBC making a Hicks documentary for late 2009 and apparently Ron Howard is also developing a film about the great man. Worryingly, Russell Crowe is said to be involved and could play the lead role...
  • Ducky
    There were spelling/grammar mistakes in the complaint letter...
  • Fred C.
    to Ducky , spelling and grammar mistakes are as common as fresh air, it is not indicative of truth or lies.
  • Badmanz
    has Ducky got the right there?
  • Puzzled s.
    "Everyone knows that anyone in advertising and marketing should kill themselves" Isn't Bitterwallet just a diluted form of advertisement and marketing? You MIGHT not be getting paid by brands for suggesting things people could spend there money on....But you're still doing it. Even if it was a stunt, it did make you chuckle didn't it...enough to post about it...I don't see the problem.
  • Lotto 1.
    Five days ago I saw the new film featuring Russel Crowe. Man that's a excellent film , I sure do endorse it ...

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