Acer Iconia leaves tablet users seeing double

24 November 2010

One screen, get out of here. Two screens, now you're talking.

The rise of the tablet PC threatens to crush the netbook market, forcing king of the netbooks, Acer, to come up with their own tablet PC. But not wanting to be outdone by Apple, Samsung or any of the other manufacturers, Acer have turned it all the way up to 11 by announcing the Acer Iconia:

Bitterwallet - Acer Iconia
The thing is, the Iconia isn't really a tablet, more a reimagined notebook - the keyboard has vanished to be replaced by a touchscreen - and in fact the primary screen is a touchscreen, too. Both HD screens can work together or separately, meaning you can play video while surfing the web. Or watch pornography while watching pornography.

The Iconia is well-specced by all accounts, but a couple of potential chip-pissers have been noted in initial reviews; while there's a lot of clever multi-touch functionality, the keyboard screen is sensitive to any accidental touch - you can't rest your fingers as you would on a normal keyboard, even though the notebook form leads to users doing just that.

Then there's the price - rumors suggest the Iconia will be available in the UK at the beginning of next year, and will cost around £1,500. If true, the Iconia would surely fall at the first hurdle - comparisons will inevitably be drawn by consumers to both tablets and notebooks, which cost far less and are more familiar. Does a 14" twin touchscreen machine really provide any more value to the user over a regular laptop?


  • Me
    Stick a picture of an apple on it and the sheep'll by it by the dozen. Despite being a bit shit. And over-priced.
  • Claire
    I want one. It's everything I love about the iPad, without all the stuff I hate about Apple. But far more useful. If this was about £600 I'd definitely buy one.
  • jc
    how much?

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