Acer A1 Android smartphone coming in September

We mentioned a while back that Acer is bringing the 'A team' to a town near you. The rumours were confirmed yesterday after The Phillipine Business Mirror revealed and quoted an unnamed 'insider' exec who accidentally leaked that the A1 will be touchscreen, based on Android, and released in September. The launch is part of the four new Windows Mobile based devices seen at the recently conducted Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Acer's goal is reasonably ambitious; According to senior corporate VP and smart handheld president Aymar de Lenquesaing, they want to become one of the top five smartphone vendors,  which means it would at least have to displace Sharp from the fifth spot and sell about 1.3 million units per quarter based on third quarter sales statistics from Gartner.  But for now, Nokia continues to hold the lead at 40 percent market share, , with BlackBerry maker Research in Motion in second place at 19.5 percent, although the bracket between the two has shrunk. Apple's third at 10.7 percent, followed by HTC and Samsung. Could Acer join in the contest?

This is Acer's first non-Windows smartphone, and if they can make these as well as their netbooks like the Acer Aspire Ones, I'm excited, especially with the Google Android base system. As the world’s third-largest personal-computer vendor, plenty is possible, as seen with their domination in the netbook market along with similar competitors like Asus and Dell who are also soon looking to enter the mobile market. In addition, at a London press event, de Lenquesaing has also mentioned the desire of Acer to emulate the success of the Apple App store by launching their very own online application download centre.

What about pricing? Acer and Google have both declined to comment further, and we've been trying to reach Acer's official spokesperson Henry Wang to no avail. Maybe you know more, if so please let us know. Question is, could they make them better than the current existing Google androids based on Taiwanese vendor High Tech Computer (HTC)?



  • acecatcher3
    my dad gets free htc phones from work, i dont think they are very good tbh....what exactly does a phone have to do to become a "smartphone" is there certain specs it has to have like email etc??
  • -=Mike H.
    It needs to be able to beat the Eggheads ace, then, and only then, is it a smartphone.
  • Yas88
    why haven't dell been more of a player in this sector ?, i'm not a great fan of either , but i'd assume dell have far better chance in taking a market share. also, i'd rather have a htc a la google 1, due to them being specialists in the field. i guess we'll have to wait until they release it. for now, i'll stick to my nokia s60's
  • acecatcher3
    i sees ya mike that daphne from eggheads is well fit aint she...good age aswell she wouldnt have to ask me twice ;)
  • -=Mike H.
    Too young for me ace, I prefer the older lady
  • acecatcher3
    ur right wud prob tap her in a few years when shes matured...god mike i feel like a paedophile if they havent got a hearing aid, theyre not gettin laid.
  • Yas88
    although cj's prolly more to your taste . . faghead . .
  • acecatcher3
    @yas - im so gay i cant even think straight. anyway this is an article about phones not ppls sexual preference so lets move on. my iphone is 10x better than ur nokia btw. xxxx hugs and kisses xxxx
  • -=Mike H.
    If it ain't got false teeth it won't suck yo' beef?
  • Yas88
    iphone - sheep phone
  • acecatcher3
    as long as the sheep is male im not complaining xxx
  • Adrian t.
  • hendt j.
  • Jeffery B.
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  • Hello A.
    Android now become most popular mobile phones and tablets OS. Most useful features are found in there. I think in the future, it can be replace for Windows. What do you think ?

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