Accident Claims might not be best for bum injuries...

Whoever is in charge of the home page of must have taken their eye off the ball when it came to updating the company’s top customer testimonial recently.

Here’s what was proudly emblazoned on the site’s landing page until it was pulled a few hours ago (nope - it's still there). Fortunately, Wayback Machine allowed us to get a screengrab…

Only £2k? Elsewhere the site it says that 'on average we help our clients win over 6k on their accident claim'. Yet they only managed to get £2k for a burst anus. Sloppy. We're off to ring round and try to get a few better quotes.


  • Mr. E.
    It's true though.
  • Grammar N.
    Hmm, can you link to the testimonials section (either current or past) - couldn't see one on either the current or old site, are you sure that is legit?
  • Euan
    Just scroll down, you'll see it on the right hand side near the bottom (oh ho ho).
  • bushbrother
    Is this a wind up? never heard of the company ...
  • Dr C.
    His ring is no longer round...
  • Dacouch
    Apparantly the ambulance chaser worked really hard to reach around a good settlement of £2k
  • Zeddy
    What a cock up.
  • happenstoeveryone
    thought the personal injury claims icon quite apt (about 1/3 way down page)

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