A year later, Sainsbury's still flogging a dead musical horse

The hunt for bargain Christmas presents has already begun, and last week avid Bitterwallet reader Paul thought he'd found a corker in Leicester's Grove Farm Triangle branch of Sainsbury's:

I've just seen a Datz.com box for sale in Sainsbury’s for £50. Never heard of it before but it sounded good.

I then read the detail on that back which said that the 12 months of music access was valid only until December 31st 2010, meaning I’d get less than three months of access.

So I didn’t buy it, but instead decided to check out their website first - and that seems to have been taken down and is up for sale.

Sound familiar? Long-time readers of this esteemed organ may remember the demise of Datz - a subscription-based music service - which went into administration over a year ago. Sainsbury's were the key retail partner for the company, which fell apart after the collapse of Woolworth's - but not without fleecing plenty of customers first. The problem was, that despite being repeatedly made aware of the collapse of Datz by Bitterwallet, Sainsbury's continued to sell their worthless stock at branches across the country.

Fast forward a year... and Sainsbury's are still attempting to sell off subscriptions to a service that no longer exists. If you spot a similar package on the shelves of your local store, hand it in a customer services and save some poor sod from opening it on Christmas Day.


  • PaulH
    I think you should buy one and give it away as a prize
  • John I.
    I second the above chap's notion.
  • Nobby
    Yeah, make it a prize for the best song about bitterwallet. For entries to be valid, they must be uploaded to DATZ.
  • Daniel Z.
    What a crappy xmas present
  • Heywood J.
    WTF is dis and datz real ?
  • pooface
    i want it!
  • Weebum
    I want you Pooface.
  • Morocco
    I'm going to buy one and give it to some poor sod for Christmas
  • Stone
    Ha ha I work there will look for this later

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