A vending machine win that we can only dream of...

Here’s a stunt worthy of one of the greats such as David Copperfield, Paul Daniels or Ali Bongo – three drinks for the price of one from a vending machine. Spotted on YouTube, the uploader says: “Waiting to board the Wightlink Catamaran ferry at Ryde, IOW we spotted this unbelievable opportunity to win three drinks for the price of one from the vending machine.”

It sounds impossible but these crazy kids pull it off with aplomb.


  • Grumpy
    That's no better than looting. Bloody louts - string them up I say.
  • Marky M.
    @ Grumpy. Well said. This is how Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Michael Collins all started. Working on the Isle of Wight ferry I mean.
  • summy
    ive had similar "luck" before the game where you press to stop and get them all in a line and if get to top win the big prize, somehow i managed to win but when i pressed to get my nintendo ds it got stuck when falling on one of the minor prizes the machine did not register that i got the prize so i got to choose another major prize which was a camera and when that fell down it knocked off the nintendo ds and the minor prize of a shitty keyring..... result!!!
  • Idi A.
    @ Marky Mark Fuck off.
  • The F.
    Too right, fuck off, wouldn't let them fuckers on me, you're thinking of them there Scottish ferry's, they'll let anyone on, even war criminals like Tony Blair.
  • Dick
    They're not clever enough to hold the camera the right way though, twats.
  • Fat S.
    posh twats.

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