A television to make you feel all superior again

Wall mounted, flat screen televisions. Everybody's got them these days, they're ten a bleeding penny. What the world needs right now is a giant curved screen that sits on the floor. That's where Shinoda come in. They've been messing about with curved PTA (plasma tube array) technology for a couple of years, and are now showing off their latest baby - a 145 inch prototype screen:

Weighing barely seven kilograms, it's a wonderous thing of beauty, regardless of the rather poor 960 x 720 pixel resolution. When we're all tired of 42 inches of flat screen nonsense, they'll hopefully roll these out on the production lines for consumers, and the world of superior televisual screenorama will be right once more.



  • Pickering T.
    So, how how many days will i have to send my chicks out to "work" to pay for one of these?
  • Amanda H.
    720? pfft, my old crt was better than that 10 years ago.
  • Jill
    Awful - you can see the lines on the screen.
  • jamie v.
    hodda hodda! = stop in phonetic mandarin
  • The E.
    ...previous posters...did u notice the word 'prototype' ?
  • Michael
    I presume this is for trade shows etc... where it would be easier to set this up than a traditional screen array or projector. I don't think it is for in your lounge to play xbox on.
  • Seán
    Might go pick up one of these then :D
  • oldjustice
    What a load of shit.
  • Mike H.
    Does the Asian girl in the nightie come to fit it?
  • Schexy S.
    This is crap, plasma uses way too much power and just isn't good home economics, especially in recession, You want to look out for OLED displays, which are organic, produce their own light (therefore very low power), and they're very light and can be curved, wide viewing angles, viewable in sunlight and a hell of a lot more. Though prototypes are available, and OLEDs are used in some mobiles, the main drawback is their short lifespan. Once this is fixed, htey'll be the new direction for the display market.
  • Dan
    Plasma uses no more energy that regular LCD. Each pixel of a plasma screen can be completly on, or completly off. An LCD always has 2 or 3 or 4 or more bright-white backlights constantly on. Jackass.
  • Emerald L.
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