A rum old do: Bacardi has a redesign

Bacardi has a had a redesign. The rum-making behemoth has had an identity refresh courtesy of Here Design.

The famous bat - the brand's symbol since 1862 - has been slightly reconfigured too. It was introduced when Bacardi Maso's wife saw a colony of fruit bats in the distillery.


Bats are symbols of good luck in Spain and Cuba. Bats! So when the symbol was introduced, a lot of Cubans who couldn't read or write, were able to know what they were drinking courtesy of the trusty Bat signal.

Here Design were asked by the Bacardi family to work on new branding, and once they started to research it, they realised its extraordinary story.

Bacardi Masso founded Bacardi around events including an earthquake in Cuba, a cholera outbreak that killed his son Juan and daughter Maria, and the exile of his son Emilio Bacardi Moreau, a ‘freedom fighter, politician and philanthropist’, according to Bacardi rum. This forced the brand out of Cuba, and its Puerto Rican plant became its main production house.

The refreshed branding forms part of a wider campaign launching this month, centred on the ‘Bacardi - untameable since 1862’ message.


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