A room with a view. Without the room.

You'd maybe expect to look up and admire this type of craftsmanship in Spain during the tourist boom of the 80s, or perhaps in eastern European cities where the developers keep on building until they run out of supplies or building permits.

So where in the world is this?

Bitterwallet - Brooklyn balcony to nowhere

That's right! It's New York City. Some people head to Williamsburg for free pizza at The Charleston, some go a little further to a see a bricked up balcony on a roof. Hats off to NYC!

[New York Shitty]


  • Kyle H.
    Haha! That's fantastic!
  • zeddy
    What's that scraping noise? Ah! It's the bottom of the barrel. Happy New Year to TBT.
  • Jase
    Are those Lidl signs in the window?!
  • M4RKM
    Nice. And the really sad thing is.. I know where that building is... *sigh*
    This will be a building tax wheeze,the Spaniards and Greeks arnt as stupid as us awhen it comes to building regs fees. Its an unfinished building so no tax - savvy ?.

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