A public letter to Sainsbury's - stop shilling your customers

Dear Sainsbury's,

I'm struggling to find a way to say this without sounding like a Tourette's sufferer with a paper cut, but what the fuck are you playing at?

Since August, Bitterwallet has covered the demise of Datz Music Lounge - from the initial worry amongst customers, to the unpicking of their finances, to their final demise and liquidation. You'll notice we've underlined that last word, what with Datz now out of business and owing creditors money, not to mention leaving hundreds of customers stranded with a product that no longer works.

The thing is, as we've explained to your press department more times than we can count in the past three months, Datz worked by customers buying a CD Rom and USB, and using it in conjunction with the Datz Music Lounge website to download music. Customers paid upfront for a twelve month unlimited subscription; those customers who paid their subs on the day of launch received barely eight months of full service from Datz - anybody buying the product this year was royally screwed over.

And yet we've told you this time and time again. Sainsbury's was the key retail partner for Datz since day one, so no doubt your buyers are aware they can't buy more stock or return unsold stock. We'd have thought somebody would have sat up and took notice when Datz went into liquidation. We repeatedly asked you to consider your customers and pull the product from your shelves, since it was entirely worthless. We asked you to comment on the situation, and explain why you continued to stock the product.

Last month, after we pointed out your inaction yet again, you called us and promised to resolve the matter to avoid more customers being ripped off. So it makes our piss boil to receive this from HUKD member Boothy, taken in a Sheffield branch of Sainsbury's this weekend:

Bitterwallet - Datz still on sale in Sainsbury

Staggering. Seriously, you're blowing our minds here. You're charging £50 for a product that doesn't work, and you bloody well know it. Just because you've got a shop in every town and a shiny loyalty card, it doesn't give you the right to shill your customers. Make no mistake - that's what you're doing here.

We're not sure what else we can do to get your attention, short of once again shaming you in public. We know Jamie Oliver costs you a metric fuckton of money and you've got to find it somewhere, but STOP SELLING DATZ.




    Paul, no one cares mate. Its a shit product, it looks shit, the branding is shit, and people won't buy it anyway - whether its gone bust or not. Yeah they should take it off the shelves, but its no major issue is it?
  • In f.
    I don't see the big deal. I didn't buy it!
  • Mark M.
    You go girlfriend
  • The B.
    They don't have a shiny loyalty card, they've got Nectar, the first 3 letters of it's 4 letter description are indeed S, H and I but that's as close as it comes to shiny.
  • Bo
    this doesnt have anything to do with the iphone
  • me
    Go on, I dare you to send that!
  • Bill B.
    Re nectar cards, I suggest you all visit http://www.bill-bennett.com/2009/07/24/the-nectar-card-prank/ :-)
  • Alex W.
    Shameful. This is the sort of thing Anne Robinson should be getting her £500 haircut in a tizz over, rather than making up stories about the PS3 failure rate.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I made a complaint to the BBC over said £500 haircut. They said they 'couldn't comment on media speculation...'
  • peoples E.
    Datz dat den
  • goon
    CompactDstrxion put in a freedom of information request on it that will shut the fuckers up
  • CompactDstrxion
    Goon, IIRC I can be charged for a FOI request
  • Ten B.
    [...] branch of Sainsburys that is STILL selling the defunct Datz music download service. Why not just punch the customer square in the balls/lady balls [...]

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