A new low for humanity?

Here - get a photo of your kids before your wife leaves you and takes them with her, you useless debt-addled donkey.


[via @PoppyD]


  • Dick
    Only £4.99.* * Plus £19.99 sitting fee, £4.99 background fee, £4.99 printing fee and £9.99 for cardboard frame.
  • Alexis
    That poster 'design' is fucking awful.
  • Phil76
    Got me convinced with the free tea and cake. How much do you think they'll let you cram before they twig you've got no interest in their service?
  • Martin
    The cake is a lie
  • Terry
    "Bonus children" - love the euphemism. Should be "Extra baggage"
  • kv
    I've got great free financial advice, stop wasting your money on photography
  • Boris J.
    Do they have suicide booths at the show?

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