A nation mourns as Jamie steps out the Sainbury's kitchen

Grim news, middle-class people - Jamie Oliver will no longer be your voice of reason in the supermarket aisle. Everyone's favourite chef called Jamie Oliver has announced he's parting ways with Sainsbury's after 11 years of deceiving a nation into thinking it can cook.

After 100 commercials, our hero's final outing will be the supermarket's Christmas campaign. But fear not, world. Jamie is intent on making our lives tastes a little sweeter, and will use the time to concentrate on his social projects to improve the quality of our food and diets.

Let's recall the cheeky-cheeked scamp's success so far:


  • SgtMunky
    News just in: Kids are dumb
  • Alexis
    If you eat breast and wing, why wouldn't you eat skin, bone and marrow? None of it looks tasty until you cook it.
  • Idi A.
    Coming soon: Jamie Oliverth Artithan Corn-fed Chicken Nuggeth at £10 a pack.
  • Dick
    If Jamie wants another big idea, how about BBQ'ing his own testicles, preferably swekered first with some pineapple chunks?
  • Paddy
    I flashed up the BBQ last weekend (a Jamie Oliver 3 Burner one on offer at Homebase-it's not a bad one for the price tbh) and went looking for some food to burn, I mean cook. I picked up the jamie bbq burgers in Tesco and put it straight back down when I seen the fat content. 32g of fat. Per burger. Surely if he's that health conscious, he'd not agree to put his name to that food offering-even turkey twizzlers are healthier!
  • Oliver J.
    Thanks goodness for typing, my tongue's so fucking fat it won't fit in my mouth properly and no cunt can understand a fucking word I say.
  • Dick
    He's conscious about his bank balance. Who else would sell a magazine named after himself. Up his own fucking arse. I used to have a tiny bit of respect for him, but not after he introduced that magazine.

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