A Million Britons Want to Shop Lift Presents This Festive Season

In an 'Affluenza' ridden society of 'keeping up with the Joneses', one of the dangers of a financial crisis is keeping up with rising living costs.  So when the property bubble burst, an entire nation previously spoon fed golden eggs of property portfolios and well paid jobs was having to deal with the somewhat ridiculous concept of having to go back to work for a living.  No way, they say.

Question is, how do they plan to get by this Christmas instead?  According to new research published by G4S security services, by shop lifting, apparently:

Almost a million Britons consider shop lifting presents this festive season

And that's just for presents for their family and friends this crimbo.  2.6 million adults between 16-64 have already admitted to have shoplifted in the last 12 months, up by 30% from the previous year.  The reason?  The credit crunch and increased living costs since early 2008.  The total amount of criminal damage?  Over £783 million, up from £747 million in 2007.  That's plenty of thieving right there.

However, according to the same research, most of these shop lifters are druggies who steal to 'fund their addiction'.  But with the crazy levels of unemployment on the rise, predicted to hit 3 million by 2010, and rising cost of food and bills, could there be a shift in the demographics?  Could we be looking an a huge increase of retail theft by white collar previously law abiding citizens, just to maintain their current lifestyles?  After all, it's all about 'survival of the fittest'... right?  Ok. Time top stop writing, and start shoplifting.

[The Retail Bulletin]


  • Paul N.
    So they spin a whole story about rich Britons having to shoplift and then in the end say that it is "druggies" who are stealing? How has the credit crunch made it harder to fund a drug addiction? The article doesn't add up...
  • Vince V.
    The research was suggesting that about 4% of Brits would shoplift if they lost their job, of which many will be 16-24 (mostly from rising food costs). The reference to druggies was to the "36,000 British adults each (who) steal over £25,000 of goods from British stores annually" and resell stuff on the black market. So I suppose what they are saying is that the regular shoplifters are druggies, while the recent rising trend is out of desperation.
  • Rod D.
    Utter utter bull. I shop lift regularly and ive never had a drug addiction. Getting them yorkie bars past security is my buzz man.. Keep livin' the dream people.

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