A Message To You All...

25 December 2008

"Hi I’m Arabella and I’m being pushed by Jogan. We won the Bitterwallet competition that gives us the unique privilege to deliver the site's first ever Christmas message. It is this…


“Even the ones who hate the site and spend far too much of their time trolling the comments section. Bless you, at least you’re not out molesting phone boxes and de-hoofing innocent goats.

“May you all have a enjoyable festive period – thank you for visiting the site in 2008, there’s plenty more of the same in the weeks and months ahead.”

“Stay safe crimefighters!”


  • Eshtal
    Thanx ... it s time for you to relax ... merry xmas
  • Mike H.
  • Andy
    shit pillows
  • AVE w.
    Absorbing points! I was actualoly thinking approximately this affair endure night and this mornjing (particularly how to incorporate it into my own bolg). Thanks forr the tips, bro! ---- signature: http://verbalizesei.livejournal.com :D

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