A hotel made from cake opens in London

In a typically wanky London move, a hotel made entire from cake has opened its doors for business in Soho. Here's hoping that a B&B made from sausage rolls is due in Blackpool.

Mercifully, this hotel will only be around for one night only, which is a good thing really as it is bound to go off or get pecked at by pigeons (which would be funny if the gingerbread roof collapses in on a hipster or indeed, a Z-list celeb is seen naked stepping into a meringue bath).

That said, guests are encouraged to eat the walls and windows like they're Hansel and Gretel, and for starters, there's 2,000 macaroons covering the walls to get stuck into.

It goes without saying that this is a publicity stunt by a food company. So, to be peevish, we're not going to include their name once in this story.

A spokesperson for the Company We Won't Name said: "We think the cake hotel perfectly captures the excitement, inspiration and expertise behind the creation of our new range of [product removed]. We hope that through the cake hotel we can showcase the versatility of [product removed] and inspire people to get creative in the kitchen."

If you want to know who is behind the cake hotel, we're sure you can work out how to use Google at some point today.


  • Inspector G.
    Pun mode: Engage Is there a VIP sweet?
  • klingelton
    hope it rains.
  • Bob
    Sweet Dreams!
  • Spencer
    i went. it was shit. that is all

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