A horse walks into a Tesco...

A lady is being investigated by the police after she rode into a Tesco on horseback as a dare. The terrifically named Inky Ralph was filmed riding into the supermarket in Bishop Auckland and downing some fizzy pop as part of a Neknomination challenge.

Neknomination is the game where someone dares you to neck some booze within a 24 hour timeframe. Then you dare someone else to do the same. That shouldn't be a problem with you yellowing alecans though.

Anyway, the woman enters the shop on her horse (Harvey) and is confronted by a security guard, followed by an announcement on the tannoy asking for a manager.

Inky, possibly posh, then turns to the camera and nominates her mates to complete their own challenge. She then dares the security guard.

Inky said: "It was something nobody else had done. It was just harmless fun. Everybody seems to find it really funny. I didn't realise how far it would spread and how many people would see it. I have had messages from as far as Australia and people are calling me a legend."

Chief Inspector Sue Robinson, of Durham Constabulary, said: "On Monday afternoon police were called by staff at the Tesco store in St Helen Auckland reporting a number of young women had been in the premises, with one of them riding a horse. They allegedly threatened a member of staff before leaving a few minutes later."

"Officers have viewed the in-store security footage as well as the video clip which has been circulating on social media. Those involved are believed to be well-known to both staff at the store and to ourselves and we will be arranging for them to attend their local police station at the earliest opportunity."

"At this stage we are trying to establish what criminal offences might have been committed and discussions have taken place with the RSPCA in regards to the welfare of the horse. It goes without saying this was a senseless and foolish thing to do. There were a number of shoppers in the store at the time and it is fortunate no one was hurt."


  • Coran
    Let's take a half tonne animal into a noisey, busy, confined public space, with children running around.. Idiocy seems to be Irelands best export..
  • Coran
    Take that back, I thought the game originated in Ireland, due to the publicity and recent deaths. Seems it's australian in origin.
  • klingelton
    feral Trolley of the week?
  • JonB
    Inky said: “It was something nobody else had done." Someone rode their horse into a McDonald's last year and was fined for "causing alarm and distress to other customers and staff", so this is not exactly new.
  • james
    Coran you should get your facts right first as this did not start in ireland as it started in Australia a number of years ago and has gone around the world since.ireland export is not idiocy as you will find alot of big companies work from ireland like apple in cork,google in dublin etc so get your facts right before criticizing ireland .
  • wOnKeY H.
    I'd bum it.
  • Marking M.
    ride that trolley out of town
  • Mark C.
    Coran is a retard. I believe this to be factually correct in either hemisphere.
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Surprised it did not end up as burgers/lasagne in the freezer aisle!!!
  • JM
    If only it had dropped its back.
  • james d.
    the worst part is, it's in 240p
  • Mickey M.
    @James, just because a few big companies operate in Ireland doesn't mean that the people are not full of idiots. Idiots exist everywhere, just more so in Ireland.
  • Dixon
    Inky? Is that short for something ?

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