A few lovely slices of Apple iPie…

thumb160x_iphonecaseIn order to avoid offending people who aren't of a fanboy persuasion, we’ve harvested a few Apple stories together before shunting them into the weekend, when no one’s looking. Happy with that you moaning bunch of freaks?

First up, a recession-busting protective cover for your iPhone, called the Recession Cover, and made from bog-standard cardboard (left). It retails for just 99 cents (about 60p) with free postage within the US. There’s no warranty, nothing to protect your iPhone’s screen and the makers proudly claim that it’s flammable if you hold a match to it. Nice. [Consumerist]

500x_itwingeNext comes a more elaborate add-on – the iTwinge (right). It’s a physical keyboard holster that slips over the part of your screen where you do your typing. With what can only be described as ‘tiny nipples’ on the underside of its keys, it’s an enormous boon for anyone who wants the feel of a real keyboard. And hell, we’re always on the look out for enormous boons. [Gizmodo]

What’s this? Why it’s WorkSnug, a spooky new app designed to help you find somewhere nice that’s got WiFi. How does it work? You simply hold up your iPhone and it’ll recognise where you are – then point you in the direction of the nearest WiFi spot as well as provide you with a quick review. Except it only works in London. Oh, and it’s not out yet. Bah! [WorkSnug]

500x_mac-geneFinally, a collector’s piece. An Apple Macintosh 128 that hails from way back in 1984 (left). The 776th one to be made don’t you know and one that used to belong to someone a bit famous. It was owned by none other than Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry and is up for auction at the beginning of October. It’s expected to sell for somewhere between $800 - $1200 but we’d be amazed if it went that cheap. The combination of Apple + Star Trek should have monied geeks snorting into their Cheerios at the thought of getting their hands on such a useless, enchanting piece of equipment. [Gizmodo]


  • Shadow
    Bitterwallet brought to you by Apple. The best in the business to get your 5 a day
  • numberwang
    what did you people do before the iphone? calling your readers "fanboys" and "bunch of freaks" seems a strange tactic indeed good luck with that
  • iBitterwallet
    There's a new app for the iPhone that turns it into a twitching and jibbering pleb. It's called iClaudius and it comes as standard.
  • andy y.
    Lads lads these things are just pieces of plastic for looking at porn.

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