A digital television that fits in your pocket? Good idea.

I've had plenty of great ideas for products in my time. My best was probably Wine For One. As a young gentlemen in my late teens, I was troubled by the bottles of vino I never quite managed to finish. I therefore proposed to establish a business that sold a selection of fine wines in 500ml bottles, meaning one could enjoy a bottle by themselves and save money, too.

Now in my thirties, I realise that once the novelty of working for a living wears off, the debt's mounted up and  any aspirations you once had have been trampled to death, then polishing off a couple of bottle of red a night is straight forward enough. And who wants to be seen buying a wine for one? You might tattoo LONELY on your forehead and buy food for the cats while you're at it.

Anyway, here's another idea, but this is a really a good one. A portable telly. No, stay with me. This is a digital television, complete with a 4.3 inch screen, built-in DVB-T tuner and antenna plus FM radio, SD card slot and USB port. Hooray!

An ultra-slim, ultra-cool, Freeview digital television that fits in your goddamn pocket. Sounds brilliant and far more likely to succeed that some dozy twat's idea to make wine bottles smaller. Fancy one? £140 please squire - head over to Firebox for yours.

[Firebox] vis [ElectricPig]


  • Bob
    Doesn't the Nokia N96 do all this anyway?
  • Martin
    Instead of a tiny portable telly, I'd prefer a world where everything was brought to me on my sofa, in front of my huge TV.
  • craig.h
    hardly something new, and hardly that amazing, gonna have hell getting freeview reception with it even in strong signal areas, I spose its a good advert for those ripoff merchants firebox tho eh?
  • fail

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