A cut-price vajazzle? Stay classy, Groupon

Bitterwallet - Groupon vajazzle

Yes, it's yours for the taking, ladies. If you're in London, you can have your tuppence bajazzled for just £25 - and it's all thanks to daily deals supremos Groupon:

It is a little known fact that glitter was invented by a resourceful Dutch cleaner who mixed dust with traces of brightly coloured ink. Bring the sparkle back to your Nether lands with today’s Groupon: for £25 instead of £63, jazz up your bikini line with a Brazilian wax and choice of glittering decoration at Victoria Colonnade Beauty Rooms .

Groupon holders can enjoy an exciting transformation of their bikini lines with an effective Brazilian wax and a choice of sparkly designs to customise the area with, including hearts, butterflies or the Playboy bunny to bring a fresh and thrilling spin on bikini line care.

There's nothing quite as classy as a Playboy bunny where a lady garden should be. Bag that deal, lady douches.


  • Vajazzle F.
    If it's good enough for Jennifer Love Hewitt, it's good enough for you. I like Vajazzle. It is shiny.
  • PokeHerPete
    Ha ha tuppence. Havent heard that since Bo Selecta!
  • eddiex
    Would I get glitter all over my face?
  • JaffaCake
    I'm enraged! Traditionally glitter was made from mica.
  • piggy
    Do they do Colonnade irrigation?
  • maxtweenie
    What's the point of having a Brazilian and then covering it with Playboy Bunnies. Waste of time because from a distance they just look like hares.......
  • Inspiro A.
    When I first knew about this I laughed. But I was amazed to see some of its results. Getting 'them' bling-ed out is fun and a work of art.
  • Daily B.
    [...] worth remembering the basics – while the deals are usually enticing (except, perhaps, for that recent vajazzling incident) you need to pay attention to the detail. The price is always attractive. The terms? Sometimes less [...]

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