A brush with death anyone?

We’ve never been inside a ladies powder room in a nightclub but we’ve seen them in films and we know how it goes in front of that big mirror. Chit chat; bit of barging for space; bit more chit chat: slight increase in tension; chit chat (gritted teeth); arrival of more girls; bit more barging for space; hormone-fuelled bitchy comment, WHOOOP WHOOOP – CATFIGHT! – WHOOOP WHOOOP WHOOOP!!

Then there’s some hair-pulling, one or two of the participants realise that they MIGHT just be lesbians after all and the whole thing dies down. Law of the jungle innit? But things could be about to change.

Now there’s a new weapon in town. The Honey Comb – the hair brush that turns into a dagger. Better still, because it’s made from injection-molded Zytel (a type of nylon), it can’t be picked up by metal detectors. Oh shitting Christ, the women are finally going to take over once and for all.

If you want one, they can be had for the ridiculously low price of just $6.99 from True Swords, who also stock other popular women’s hair care products like the Advanced Ninja Warrior Sword Package, the Professional Ninja Chain Whip and the 1060 High Carbon Steel Miyamoto Sword. We’ll be in the corner of the dancefloor, keeping our heads down.


  • stabbie s.
    lol, useless at those clubs that have the police frisking you as you go in though. :/
  • Trev
    Yeah bit it looks like a normal brush would easily get past security
  • sam m.
    terrorists heaven!....great!
  • Iain
    Well done for promoting weapons, idiot!
  • stabbie s.
    Trev - no it wouldn't get past security. It's standard practice to pull the handles of brushes when frisking people. Weapons hidden in a brush is nothing new - it being marketted maybe.

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