£80,000, spent on nowt

moneyAre you massively wasteful with your money? Good. Sounds like you're enjoying life. You'd rather lead a full life and end up in a pauper's grave rather than being a rich man buried in an ivory casket with no mates.

It seems like the people of the UK are pretty good at wasting money. On average, we spunk £107 of our monthly money on nothing, according to a survey. That equates to £1,284 in a year or, if you prefer, £79,608 over the course of an average adult lifetime.

Chocolate, sweets and snacks were the most common 'waste' of money and just over half liked spending their money on takeaways. Other big 'wastes' were 'unnecessary clothing' music, films, video games and beauty items. Surely food, clothes and entertainment are absolutely necessary purchases?

Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, who carried out the survey, said: "It can be so easy to lose track of spending when it's on small items like a quick snack here and there, or the odd CD. Although those individual items might not seem expensive, the cost soon mounts up and before you know it you can easily have spent a small fortune with not a lot to show for it."

"Keep an eye on your spending throughout the month and ask yourself if you really need to buy something before you part with your cash. An action as small as being more aware of your spending can help save in the long run."

Or, ignore this bozo.


  • Nicodemus J.
    It's a bit of nothing story really, if you classed anything that was not a "necessity" as a waste then the figure would be much higher - but no one is going to argue that anything above the bare minumum food, entertainment and clothing is a waste. So on that basis how do you put a figure on what is waste and what isn't?
  • Horse s.
    Reading this piss poor excuse for an article was a fucking waste.
  • LancerVancer
    If you have bought films/music/video games then the products still have some value. If you have downloaded said items from a pirate type site on the interwebs then your still quids in!! Either way Mike Pearson needs to flex with the herb. Smoke weed an ting.
  • Sicknote
    When they say wasting money - does that include the money I pay to some 18 year old tart wrap her gob around my stick of joy and then bang her in the chocolate highway until she can't walk...? If it is, I've wasted shit loads of money.
  • Bungle2000
    “It can be so easy to lose track of spending when it’s on small items..." you mean like games publishers and developers are hoping you to spend micropayments on their F2P games so they can rape you silly...yeah!
  • Zeddy
    I'm really wasteful with my money. I keep giving it to the government and get absolutely fuck all in return.
  • william's h.
    Is there no real news?

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