8 ways to save money on a first date (and still get the girl)

Valentine's Day may be long gone, but that doesn't mean that the dates should stop. Here are eight ideas to jam pack your social life on a shoestring budget:

1. Free Cinema: A movie date is never cheap, especially if he/she likes to feast on popcorn, cola and multiple movies. That's why Cineworld's Unlimited Card at £11 a month (£14 including West End) may be worth checking out. You get to watch as many movies as you like, and if you combine it with Orange Wednesday's 2 for 1 ticket offer (text FILM to 241 from your Orange phone), and sneak food in like a skillful ninja, you pretty much got a free date.

2. Plan in advance: Lastminute.com offers experiences and shows starting from a tenner and occasional 50% deals. If you're pushed for time, and want to take your date to see a show, try an ethical ticket exchange website like Scarlet Mist. Here, you can buy and sell tickets for their face value. Be beware when you meet the seller in person to ask for receipts as scams do occur.

3. Food vouchers: If the date goes well, at some point you'll not only feel hungry (and probably pretty horny). But as a skilled Bitterwalleter, your budget is obviously your number one concern.  Consider vouchers, and prearranging lunch/dinner via websites like toptable.co.uk in advance where you get pretty good deals.  Do this at the last minute, as the offers tend to be better since they want to fill up the tables.

4. London 2 for 1 days out: If you're based in London, try the London Zoo & Madame Tussaud's. Why? Not only are they world renowned, but you will save up to £25 by utilizing the loophole in National Rail's Days Out Guide scheme.  What is that? Visit the website and print the voucher out beforehand, which entitles you to 2 for 1 entry at various London sites.  All you need is that day's valid train ticket. With the cheapest single costing only £2 means you'll still save over £20.

5. Be different: Forget coffee. Forget dinner. Forget flowers and chocolate. Why not have a simply fun and cheap night out by doing something different, or even for free?  Whip up a meal at home, through the various supermarket deals available on HUKD.  Or check out the shopping centres where more fun could be had without Starbucks refills and a CV interview.

6. Get Down: We know you've seen it a gazillion times, but 'Hey, let's go back to mine and watch Spiderman' might work.  If you want a new movie though, browse for a selection of cheap DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and HD-DVDs on eBay or HUKD.  Those widescreen images on your HD-TV may not be the only thing you'd get to see that night.

7. Forget dinner: Not only is a first date at an expensive restaurant a lot of pressure for both of you, but cooking dinner at yours is another great way to come up with a lame excuse to get them back while saving some money.  Make sure to use your Tesco Club card, and don't go overboerd when hunting for discount food in ASDA.  If you insist on dining out, here's another good reason to have a Cineworld unlimited pass. Zizzi's is offering card holders a 50% discount for up to 5 friends of a Cineworld card holder.  Just make sure you don't foot the bill alone!

8. Don't just talk, walk the walk: It will be good for your digestive system.  The only exception is if you live in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, or the summit of Ben Nevis.  In which case, have a look at Paul S's suggestion for getting Rail Rover to save on summer travel rail.

If none of this helps, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your seduction skills.


  • Spong D.
    Is it ok to use these whith the orange 2 4 one? I asked at my local(Hengrove, bristol) and they didn`t have a clue!!
  • Eric S.
    Why Ashby-de-la-Zouch? Digestive biscuits?
  • MattS
    The Cineworld card is from £11.99 per Month. But at the moment it does get you 50% off at some Zizzi restaurants, which is a bonus.
  • Scooby P.
    Posted by Eric S | February 20th, 2009 at 1:41 pm Why Ashby-de-la-Zouch? Digestive biscuits? No - it's because it's a bummy stinkhole and you wouldn't want to walk round there.
  • MattS
    Sorry, messed up my last message a bit. All Zizzi restaurants take the card, but it only 50% off certain main dishes, not the whole bill.
  • Kevin
    Meanwhile you look like a tight git to the woman you're with
  • hra
    8 ways to save money on a first & last date
  • Rancor K.
    Ohh look nice pic of some stikfas.. they ROCK !

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