How to Dust-Proof Your Home Full of Stuff

Dust and microscopic bugs are a pain in the ass. Not only do they itch like hell, but they make us look like we really don't care about cleanliness (of course you do). More importantly, they highly contribute to the 5.4 million people in the UK currently receiving treatment for asthma, of which, 1.1 million are children (Asthma.Org). But HOW to deal with it is the big Q, especially when we have so much stuff around? Is it even possible?

"No" is the short answer, according to Reader's Digest. It is basically impossible to completely eradicate dust from our homes, and you know it. But before we let that be justification to just let it be, there are effective cleaning strategies that can stop the build up of dust and microscopic bugs. Here's a few of them summarised from Reader's Digest:

1. Wipe Furniture and Floors. Keeping cabinets and furniture are more prone to dust build up. You might want to invest in wooden furniture as they can be wiped clean daily and needs less maintenance compared to heavily upholstered sofa and lounge chairs. Floors made of wood and tiles are easiest to clean when compared with wall-to-wall carpeting. If you do have upholstered furniture, vacuuming regularly will keep the dust from settling through.

2. Separate Unused Clothing. Separate and wrap clothing rarely used in air tight garment bags. These clear bags will prevent dust out and lock fibers in. HUKD Tip: Thanks to stevieboy4u, you can find discounted Vacuum Storage Bags from LIDL for £2.25.

3. Install a Furnace Filter. If you have a cooling or air heating system, this can keep the dust at bay. The best way to get benefit from air filters is to put one in your bedroom, as well as any of the other frequently used rooms. Change these filters every three months, but check them monthly especially if you have furry pets.

4. Effective Vacuum Cleaning. Invest and buy an upright canister vacuum cleaners with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filters. Many cleaners are effective and efficient in sucking up dirt, pet dander and dust. Tip: you can get a nice Dyson DC25 Allfloors for £191.99, available in Costco (thanks to craig.walton2 for the lead)

You can read the rest of the tips from Reader's Digest.

[via Reader's Digest]


  • acecatcher3
    i find wrapping my grandma up in double sided cellotape and throwing her around the room to be quite effective.....always an idea if ur out of other foreplay options also.
  • Giles
    Asthma can be a response to the body's overreaction to dust as a result of not experiencing it. If you're house is too clean then even small amounts of dust are a big problem. The solution is not to make things cleaner! From : "...many aspects of modern lifestyles – such as changes in housing and diet and a more hygienic environment."
  • veedubjai
    Just get a cleaner to come & put your feet up.
  • Giles
    sorry - *your
  • dan m.
    eat the dust, miz it in a pan and cook it..its yummy and nutritious. When I do that, I eat lots and feel really good. You should try it ok? thank you
  • Martin
    I don't have asthma. None of my family have asthma. I couldn't really give a fuck about getting rid of dust. So long as it is not so thick that you cannot see the TV, it doesn't matter.
  • dan m.
    you will turn to dust martin
  • -=Mike H.
    dust? anyone? no one? dust? anyone? no one? dust?... so on and so forth etc etc....
  • dan m.
    mike you wierdo

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