Jacko's Neverland tat all up for grabs

If you’ve got a few spare quid lying around in your sock drawer  and you’re looking for something a little different, you could do a lot worse than snap up an item from the upcoming Michael Jackson Neverland auction.

Better still, why not add a pair of rhinestone-encrusted socks (left) to the drawer itself? They’re circa 1981 and look hardly worn (although you can’t be completely sure until you get close up and have a good whiff of them.)

We’re splurging all of our spare cash on the fortune-telling Grandmother housed in a wooden cabinet (right). She might be able to help us have a bet on the outcome next time Jacko’s up before the beak.

[The Guardian]


  • Dark F.
    Should try putting it on HotUkDeals FS/FT Section
  • Yas
    or loonsdirect.com
  • 76junglist
    How much for the monkey? How much for the monkey?

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