7 Days To Christmas: The 80% ASDA Gift Cleanout Fire Sale

Last night over at HUKD, ASDA part-timer dh058977 released inside info that all xmas gifts at ASDA today would be discounted by 80%, reducing many presents to a mere £1 or £2 each.  

Despite a few skeptics last night, Mr. dh058977 proved himself right when this morning as early as 5am, HUKDers who turned up at their local ASDA managed to bag some amazing bargains.  Here’s a select few comments from HUKDers:

Harber78 wrote: “Offers did not start until 9am but got some great items for £1. Selling out quick and staff were trying to buy at same time too as they did not know in my shop. Stuffed Toys with bag of sweets, Simpsons gifts, High School Musical gifts, and Disney Princess gifts too. Mugs with teddys, or magnets and key rings and lots of candle and photo album/frame gifts too.”

skeeter909: “i can verify its true and starts at 7.30am… will be down to £1 for anything thats current in the 2for£8 range and £2-£4 for anything in the 2for16gbp range. Essentially the item on http://direct.asda.com/asda-fragranc…efault,sc.htm. This is IN STORE only” skeeter909: "i can verify its true and starts at 7.30am... will be down to £1 for anything thats current in the 2for£8 range and £2-£4 for anything in the 2for16gbp range. Essentially the item on http://direct.asda.com/asda-fragranc...efault,sc.htm. This is IN STORE only" 

pinkladymel: I am pretty sure all of the reduced stuff is now on the website. Make a list and take it with you. There are some really nice things such as the pyjama cases and baby record sets.

oreet: "assistant told me anything with cosmetics or alchol was not gettin reduced, she also said christmas wrap and the likes getting reduced on saturday, keep ya eyes open"

bal2801: "just back from spondon asda in derby...everything which is usually 2 for £8 was either £1 or £2....lots of high school musical things and hannah montanna and disney princess...some were worth it....got a clock and watch set for £2....HSM and hannah montana....great stocking fillers and great pressies for birthdays etc...went to the smaller store after but everything was sold out.....THANKS OP!!! HEAT & REP ADDED"

AlisonHockey: "Went to Asda Eastlands, Manchester at 7:45 this morning & picked up quite a few decent bits for ourselves & as stocking fillers. It's great if you have little girls. There was so much Hannah Montana, High School Muscial, Disney Princess stuff. Quite a few cute little teddies, football mugs, Simpson stuff. Word had started to get out, as the aisle was getting fuller & fuller as we left. "

But is it too late? Can you still make it down there today?  HUKDer Barky says it may be worth keeping an eye out tomorrow:

"this deal will replenish overnight in SOME stores(please be clear I said SOME)-this deal has come about because someone at asda house "accidentally" placed a double order!lol!  so the stock gets split between regional distribution centres and half of them apparently cleared all stock to stores last night and some will do it tonight because stores in their area had enough for today or because they had too much else on.  I cannot speak for individual areas cos I have no knowledge but I do know from my store manager that there is still around 40 percent of the total gift stock in warehouses and being moved to store tonight."

 Onwards, upwards, to 6 days before Christmas...



  • ODB
    Errr.... who the hell is Vince VVONG??? Your name is WRONG, WONG!!
  • Mike H.
    Another superb, witty post from ODB, with his (I presumably use the masculine sense) refreshing perspective, not picking up any any minute detail or owt, you complete numpty bucket, (that's right, a complete one, with handle and spout and everything)
  • Jonas
    The guy that posted the deal got banned shortly thereafter, for posting a deal from his own workplace. Terrible.
  • ODB
    Jonas - No he didn't...he's still on..no suspension etc? Mike..your an unfunny prick, nothing but a keyboard warrior, grow up you fucking retard cause you aint funny and you certainly aint clever bitch!

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