63% rise in heating bills in 5 years

In the past five years, the average cost of heating a house up has gone up by 63%, according to research. Obviously, someone is taking the piss.

uSwitch have calculated this figure, noting that our bills are are £227 higher than they were five years ago, which means that the annual cost of heating a house is now an average of £587.

With rising energy bills, with the heating included, the average household energy bill now stands at £1,334 a year. So dire is this figure that there are reports that many families are planning on rationing their heating over winter in a bid to keep costs down. There's the woolly figure of 87% of families planning to do this.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch.com, said: "It now costs households a staggering 63% more a year to heat their home than it did five years ago. This increase has knocked consumers for six, leaving many fearful of how they will afford to keep warm during the winter months and leading to growing numbers rationing their energy use even during the harshest weather."

We're going to all end up like Withnail, chucking furniture on the fire, at this rate.



  • foxes
    Put a jumper on
  • jim
    is that "you are the weakest link" Ann Robinson
  • Sicknote
    Just have more sex to warm yourself up. Simples.
  • james d.
    I don't remember when it only cost £360 a year to heat a house, did that really ever happen? That seems stupidly cheap.
  • NumptyDumpty
    And have wholesale gas prices gone up this much in 5 years? Im not even giong to check because I know they wont have. And will there still be 10% rises every year for the next god knows how many years? Yes. And what can we do about it? Sweet F.A. seems to be the answer. Welcome to capitalism.
  • Jammo
    I love my logs burners. Still haven't put the central heating on.
  • Mike
    I wonder if you apply that 63% to the solar panel payback times, 12 years wasn't it before it got lowered? How it looks investment wise? I assume a lot less than 12 years.
  • Pete
    With the government's, stupid, unfounded green taxes it'll only get worse for us (and better for Cameron's father-in-law with the income he makes from stupid windfarms).

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