$6,000 for a 10MB desktop - and it's not an Apple

Bitterwallet - 10 MB for $5995... and it's not Apple
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  • Nobby
    Back in the days that floppy discs were just that.
  • The B.
    No wonder I've never heard of them they were based in Oakland, how much of that stock do you reckon ever made it out?
  • LanceVance
    I'll take 2!! I would want one with the optional 256k RAM though.
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    Yet another waste of Cyberspace (see what I did there? Funnier than half the shit on this site)
  • Codify
    How about the Apple Lisa - $9,995 on release, equivalent to $23,380 in today's money. But back then, even mactards weren't so gullible and eager to hand over megabucks just for a "oh look, it's so shiny!" toy computer.
  • Graham
    you laugh now, but in 20 years there'll be another website (or the equivalent) publishing photo's of our current PC adverts & Laughing at them (maybe even advert of the Jesus Phone!!!!!)
  • Wibble
    I had a Mac+ at Uni. Great portable computer - it had a handle in the top! I think that cost just under £3000 with it's ImageWriter printer. I upgraded it with a 30MB hard drive, which cost £400. The hard drive was the size of two bricks. I added the ultimate upgrade as well - the Mac Puke sound....which played every time you ejected the floppy. Neat eh????
  • Wibble
    Just to add....Macs aren't virus-proof either.....we had Macintosh viruses back in 1989! I don't think they'd even invented them for Windows back then!
  • Darren
    Macs aren't immune, but there are only 4 known viruses for the MAC, and 2 of them are MICROSOFT related!! the Melissa virus which was mac office 2001 and the mac.simpson virus which mass mailed, but ended up sending you to a simpson online list... hardly a threat the other 2 are from TIGER OS X days...
  • Darren
    I think there are only 4... Im sure someone is going to prove me wrong... some PRO PC user or something... and please dont let this get into a MAC VS PC argument.
  • Wibble
    Don't you remember nVir A, nVir B and nVir C? That's three for a start.... (ok, they're from when Macs weren't just shiny things for people with too much money...they were dull things for people with too much money!)
  • Darren
    @wibble. exactly... not active, i wonder how many viruses there are for a PC?
  • James
    @Darren. I wonder how many PC users there are?

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