Royal Mail Worker steal parcels to resell on eBay

If you posted gifts to Coventry and Warwickshire this Christmas, you may want to check that they are not being resold on eBay, as we speak.

Coventry Telegraph reports today that Royal Mail staff stole hundreds of Christmas and birthday presents at the Coventry and Warwickshire’s biggest postal depot, just shortly after postal workers in Bridgewater near a strike due to replacement of full time jobs by part time ones:

"A major investigation is underway at Bishop Street sorting office in Coventry after DVDs, lap tops, toys and games consoles went missing. It is alleged many of the items were later sold on an internet auction site. Some of the packages were Christmas and birthday presents. Royal Mail suspended a member of staff on December 4 on suspicion of theft pending an internal investigation.". []

With 6 days left before we hit the credit crunching Christmas, could Murphy's Law continue to prove that anything could truly go wrong?


  • stinker
    thieving bastards. they should get shot for this. all posties are at it though, including mine. Anything with "amazon" printed on it is more or less an open invitation to steal. gits.
  • ungulator
  • Martin
    Some amazon packaging seems to promote this. I got a package from them yesterday, essentially a box with two open ends, with just a flap to tuck in to keep the item in place. It was easy to open the package, look at the item, then put it back as if nothing had happened. For all I know, postie could have done this, and realised it wasn't worth selling on eBay.
  • disneynut
    Ive had a problem with our postie nicking our mail for the last 4 years, reported to the police, investigated and notihng. everything that had a company label on like amazon,play etc was nicked. This year we have a new postie and ALL my post has arrived with no problem. It was proved that one postman in my area had 200 + mail bags in his house 2 years ago, dont know what happened to the items in those bags and the postman was moved to another route by the royal mail. Royal mail like to do their own investigations but it never works, its good to see the scum bag caught hopefully the people he robbed will be able to get some of their stuff back.
  • mc
    hope they get privatized they deserve that weed out the scum
  • Postman
    What a load of crap some people are writing here. It's extremely rare for a Postman/woman to steal anything - there are 180,000 employees at Royal Mail, so of course there are going to be a few bad ones, just like in any other job. People caught stealing aren't just 'moved to another delivery' - what a crock of shit! They are prosecuted and often jailed. And as a postie myself, I find the comment 'all posties are it at though, including mine' insulting and tantamount to libel. If your postie is stealing everything you order (as you seem to imply) where's your proof? Why haven't you done something about it? Tosser.
  • casparwhite
    come on most people are honest especially the full time posties out braving all weathers!! show some appeciation and get your regular postie a little something, pair of thermals or somat! dont forget there are a lot of part timers taken on for the xmas rush which are probably taken from the jobcentre no vetting etc theft is theft and if you have evidence to support this then contact the local police otherwise dont go blabbing your mouth of when you know fuck all respect to the posties!
  • Rory
    There's a few bad examples around sure but I cannot fault the Royal Mail, a superb service which doesn't get the respect it deserves. I've never had any issues with anything I've posted or recieved. Keep up the good work!
  • Baz
    Regarding the xmas part timers- that is probably a big part of the problem. I am an undergrad working for RM on weekends for xmas, helping sort the mail at one of the big sorting centres. I can tell you that some of the "casual" workers they hire for the xmas period can't even fill in a simple form where the instructions are: 1. Fill in name 2. Sign. 3. Date ..... I almost died when the guy was collecting the forms in and a bunch had to be given back to be redone. There are plenty of hardworking postmen, women and casual workers but I can say for sure that some of these casual workers are there to steal. The "checks" they seem to do aren't really done and bringing a passport (even a foreign one) is pretty much a guarantee of a job. We didn't even get a scare talk from the security dept this year, unlike other years warning us "they are watching" in the blacked out walkways above the sorting floor and via the CCTV. Don't tar all postal workers with the same brush, as some of us do care about the mail and take pride that we are helping to deliver Christmas wishes, presents and are helping connect people around the world. It takes a bloody dedicated person to stand up all day and sort the neverending flood of post, day in and out.
  • P P.
    Bleeding thieving scumbag postmen, and when they do turn up, it's not til 3 in the afternoon, lazy shits. Then they strike all the time because they're not being paid enough, I'm pretty sure they neglected to add the ebay profits to their salary.
  • derek
    Just to say that the people behind the scenes and the posties that come to our door are very much appreciated, and not just at this time of year. Most people appreciate what you do and are grateful. Amazon (just round the corner from me) has all sorts of security measures in place to deal with the volumes it puts thru, it must be a logistical nightmare for the RM to keep track of everything they process...
  • Shaune
    I'm sure it's a very small minority of postman/woman.
  • Mark
    Postie has always been good round here. Citylink is another story. Opened parcels and lies about missed deliveries.
  • phatboy123
    My postie is awesome, cant really fault him a at all.
  • Bob
    Posties are generally good at their job, dont accuse them as a whole - its only a tiny minority that steal.
  • another p.
    99.9% of postmen and women are good honest poeple..... a few bad apples dont spoil the whole bunch. As for not getting post till 3pm, that might have something to do with the amount of work that they do behind the scenes before they get to your door. most start at 5 or 6 and work through..... As for amazon there packaging is Sh*t and just falls apart. A redesign is needed on amazons part dont blame royal mail.....
  • Richard
    Yeah, some Posties are thieving scum (I was a victim myself) but then again some doctors kill their patients too... RULE: Some people are bad and others are truly evil: Let's keep it in perspective.
  • TC
    Amazon deliveries are tracked by Royal Mail, meaning that if something goes missing it can be tracked to within a couple of hours of leaving a delivery office! Anything missing, i'd blame the untrained casual workers who often don't even know the town they are delivering in! Try knocking on your house number in the next street, most people wouldn't admit to having it...............
  • Postie
    Stinker, you are an Idiot ! So if 1 guy at your local pub got sent down for rape, you're a rapist ? Everyone who regularly drinks at that pub, is a rapist ? You are a %ick head. I have been a postman for 17 years, at the same office, in that time a lot of people have come and gone for various reasons. In my time as a postie there has been 3 people sacked for stealing. 1 sent to prison. Another postman was sacked for opening people's photographs, he too was sent to prison, though he didn't actually steal anything. (Opening mail is also an offence) You see, 3 people in 17 years in an office which used to employ over 110 workers, though now over the past 6-7 years it's down to 66 workers, is not so many. It's not ideal, and the people who do steal should rightly go to prison. I find your comments really insulting. I have Businesses on my round and residential, I must get at least 20-30 letter, packets, parcels every day with either the wrong number, or even the wrong street name. But with my local knowledge I make sure that items goes to the right address. Unfortunately I get a day off in the week (Yes Posties get a day off) my floater who covers me on my day off, covers 4 other guys on their days off. So my floater does 5 different rounds each week, obviously his local knowledge isn't going to be as accurate as mine as he has a hell of a lot more things to remember. Do you see where I am going with this ? So if your parcel has got Rd instead of Street or Ave instead of Close, or View instead of Cresent, just thank your local postie for getting your mail to you, instead of being so scathing ! Thank you sooo much for most of your support, It really does mean a lot to us all. We too are horrified when we hear of someone in our own office has been pinching. Finally, I have to say this, I have received £300 in xmas tips so far this year, I must be doing something right. The people on my round are a delight to work for. They fully understand why their post is late in the morning or early in the afternoon, not because I am lazy, but because part of Royal Mails 5 years job shedding exercise saw me starting from 04:00am to 5:00am so obviously that has to have a knock on effect to the time the customer receives their post. Once again thanks to all for their support. Postie North Wales
  • Postie
    Richard, that comment is Genius, well done. Have a nice Christmas Postie North Wales
  • Yet P.
    Well said Postie! £300 in tips! Any walks going? Could do with a transfer.
  • stinker
    hit a nerve, eh postie? those with something to hide always shout loudest. what's your ebay username? could do with a few last minute bargains :)
  • Postie
    Yeah whatever Stinker. You pond life scum bag. I doubt you even got a job. Get a life.
  • Fred C.
    Very tiny amount compared with white collar and banking theft and fraud.. I mean the petty thieves will have to steal alot to be equivalent to the trillions of US $ lost in the financial crisis that rocked the world....1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000 , it takes 1 million thieves to steal US$1m each to be equivalent to each 1 trillion lost by the top of the cream white collars in pin stripe suites that the general public has to paid up to make up the stolen or lost money.
  • Fred C.
    On a furtrher note ... postmen taking parcels to ebay is analagous to bankers taking clients money to eBanking.
  • bri h.
    Simply......... STINKER, WHAT A PRICK. support your posty, its a job you wouldnt like to do. up the posty
  • stinker
    haha ha ha lol. sad losers. enjoy your minimum wages, six day weeks and early starts.
  • postie
    Can't you grasp the concept of simple reading Stinker ? I've just posted I work a 5 day week, moron, Minimum wage ? Where do you get that from dufuss ? Still I'd rather be an employed postie than a retard called Stinker ! Got to go now, some of us have a job to go to !! Postie North Wales
  • stinker
    yeah, stinker is my name. also, it's spelt dufus. get your insults right. ah, you're welsh. explains a lot.
  • Sarah
    might have to start early but remember they also finish early .... and my postie is great ... i really noticed it when he was on holiday
  • veedubjai
    With more people spending their money shopping online these days & the figures are expected to increase year on year, the postie is already under strain & the demand for deliveries is going to be tougher then ever. When ever do you see or hear good news from companies for example like Royal Mail for good service but when something wrong happens it is sometimes blown out of proportion & perspective which this just fuels the issue even further. At the end of the day posties are just as human as anyone else & could make mistakes. Even machines can break down if not maintained well. Have anyone even own up their mistakes in the past & apologies for it? Own up guys for your mistakes & learn from them but do better. I am fully aware that stealing is a criminal offence against law but don't blame ALL posties for that. Remember posties get their own mail from other colleagues & will certainly not like the idea of someone who works for the same company stealing from them. By the way, I don't work for Royal Mail but I do certainly get complaints from customers for mistakes made by other colleagues of mine in my company who are not intentionally or deliberately doing it but I treat every customer fair & impartial to resolve their issue to the best of my ability & knowledge. We had issues of internal fraud before but that does not mean I am a bad apple with the small minority in question. So don't just blame everyone for it. Go on Postie, well said, you have my vote on this case & remember keep up with good mavellous work you do, I trust you on this. I think some of you guys should read this website, for some of the worst customer service experiance you get from customers themselves. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in retail, service or other public-facing jobs, you’ve inevitably come across that occasional customer that either makes your blood boil, tickles your funny bone or leaves you totally confused. We all need a place to vent, so Not Always Right is a collection of quotes from these particularly memorable customers. We believe that while customers deserve to be treated right, so do the employees and the other folks that serve them. Not Always Right is about leveling the playing field for those of us who toil and sweat every day trying to juggle demanding customers and often unreasonable corporate expectations. At the end of the day, it’s about remembering that whether we’re a customer or an employee, we’re all human, foibles and all.
  • Ben
    I Have to say as a Casual who has worked every day for the last 2 weeks (my choice because of the just under £8 an hour pay and £12 odd an hour on sunday) I dont see that being minimum wage by any means. Saying that posties are stealing scum so far off its unbelievable my dad has been a postman for more then 15 years and many around him and me have been them for 10 or 20 years even most of them have (no counting the casual) and as a general rule they work f'ing hard at there job being at a major sorting office i know that more then 2 or 3 lorrys of Amazon goods go through every night and there are quite a few that aren't sealed take for example today (night for you normal people) i had 3 DS's all unsealed but i didnt go stealing them and no-one else in that office would have done and not because there are 2 CCTV cameras on us and the blacked out walkways above but because we are not thieving people (other word would be in that place) As earlier stated the reason they do not get out at 3 is not out of lazyness as rest assured i am starting on a round next week (after being in a sorying office) and i am starting at 6 every day but RM decided that postman are not aloud out until 11 due to people moaning about them being woken by the postman (basically) so you sort your mail do the other work that needs to be done... and wait until you are aloud out not as some people think you turn up at 12 and just walk out the door with your mail all ready for you! Honestly until you have worked in a sorting office or as a postman you will not understand how much effort goes into you getting your post and a letter gets the same treatment for what 40p, that is just at the mail centre i work at being unloaded, sorted, checked, sorted and then going out on a lorry or sorted by the delivery postman and that piece of post can go through quite a few mail centres with quite a few centre atleast 3 chances to go missing normally due to amazon having the inability to seal things and it getting loose with over 100 other pieces of mail or having the sender wrapping the package in christmas wrapping paper and though about 10 of us must repair about 100 packages a night we might miss a few. So really get your facts stright or you try and send you mail from one end of the country to another for 40p each and not lose or delay a single piece... think that might be pretty dificuly for you,
  • TNT
    Hey stinker I know know what you mean by us posties stealing your mail i have been nicking your giro for years+ Merry Xmas & good will to all men P.S My E-bay name is Hot Goods
  • Baz
  • B0rker
    Stinker must have got his nickname from the smell of his breath. No amount of mouth wash would hide the stench of all the shite he talks. I have 2 uncles who are posties. I am sure they would enjoy treating stinkers arse as a letter box and deliver him a few pineapples.
  • Gus
    I don't really know my postman, but the guys in the collection office are top notch! On the 23rd of December I am going to check if they got any parcel for me and drop a bottle of wine fot them!
  • doofus
    stinker = 15 yr old with a spotty arse LOL
  • peter
    postman for nearly 25 years service ,, all you people who think we are thieves my you rot , its so hurtful to see us being labeled all thieves,, we walk the streets for more than facing criticism ,,, from some upset people sometimes, ,, i personally treat my mail i have to deliver in high esteem , as my customers are my friends , I've been on this delivery near 13 years , over my time ive seen kids born and then it don't seem 5 minutes that the kids are tacking there kids to school,, we see deaths of our customers , we arnt just postmen or women , we have a duty / bond with our customer's , we arnt just there postman , were there friends iv got 558 houses on my delivery , , when were walking the streets we arnt just postmen, we are the eyes and ears of the streets , , the amount of people who leave keys in there front doors/houses/ leave there doors open of there houses, leave there lights on there cars, we look after the well being off our customer's , iv personally took a kid back to his mums house because she had ran away to try and find her dads house,, she didn't even know where he lived, just stood on the corner of a street about half a mile away from her home, standing on a corner in tears ,, took customers dogs back to there homes,, ,, ,,counseled customers who have problems in there lives ,, a few words of encouragement goes a long way,,,,, started customers cars ,, , i could tell you more things but the list is endless,, over my nearly 24 years service, you name it ive done it to help my customer's , in one way or another us postmen//postwomen have been in your life, and not just revolving round mail, as our customers are our friends , we dont steal and i feel sorry for those who have a low opinion of us ,, you don't see half of what we do in your lives correcting wrongly addressed mail,, is just the part you see next time you see your postman/ woman , consider him/her your friend cos that's what we are to you you just haven't realised it ,,,,,, we dont steal off our friends if anything we help stop crime ,, in ways i cant go into on this site thank you for taking the time to read this small sample of life of as postman , thank you
  • eBay K.
    This is really good advice, thanks.
  • s p.
    My local sorting office opened my parcel containing underwear. My children who collected the parcel for me were very upset at all the laughing and sneering. They were asked where their mum was. I am disgusted and have complained and await a response. The parcel was labelled with the company name and so contents were obvious. The parcel was given to us with tape unstuck, and a tab not tucked in. Upon opening it was obvious that the staff had gone through the underwear as it was strewn untidily and not neatly packed. The incident has made me feel sick. A fair number of staff are involved because of all the laughing in the background. It has made me feel sick. How dare they upset my children, invade my privacy and open my mail?
  • Gerald
    Thanks for all the information, a very nice and well done site!
  • alman
    Royal Mail is a bunch of thieves and drunk meat. I had 3 parcels "lost" in a row, I never saw them. This is not acceptable.
  • Isobel P.
    I send ebay parcels out with the same type of address label, and return address. None of the 7 items that I have posted from same post office have arrived. Just had a thought that it maybe due to the problem with my postman. I just wondered if they are able to confiscate packages. Please tell me that this is not possible. It just seems a little strange. I hope to god that I am being paranoid about this!
  • Steve
    Its Dec 2009 and Amazon parcels are going missing yet again. Roll on the closure of Royal Mail and reality kicking in for the lazy shits that work there. If you're a postman, stop whinging and get on with it. We all have to work long hours Stop whinning and bloody grow up.
  • Sir M.
    I'm in agreement with several persons on here. Our postman seems incapable of reading numbers, and invariably post to the incorrect address. For example - i've had letters sent to my address(no 3) that were addressed to no 1. My hypothesis therefore is that the vast majority of postmen/women are THICK. If they're not thick, then they're possibly thieving tossers. Rant over.
  • Gwendolyn Kopp
    This post is in reality the most poignant on this deserving topic. I absolutely feel the same way with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be enough, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay in the loop of any updates. Impressive work and good luck in your writing!
  • rizak 4.
    come on most people are honest especially the full time posties out braving all weathers!! We do overtime without getting paid payin We dont even take our break some times show some respect to the postie because we are honest on our job i have been for rm for 8 years i never had a problem with my costumers or conplain dont forget there are a lot of part timers taken on for the xmas rush which are probably taken from the jobcentre no vetting etc theft is theft and if you have evidence to support this then contact the local police otherwise dont go blabbing your mouth of when you know
  • Hulda B.
    I don't cogitate that I would like to forgive others' mistakes when it come to.
  • bejay
    I think my post is being stolen from the same postman. Ordered 4 items. 4 different suppliers. All using royal mail, its been 1 month no items have arrived. I rang all for suppliers and I have been guaranteed that they have been sent. I have lost £100 in all. I reported it to royal mail and they said it will be sorted. Ordered a bluray last week and still not received anything??? Everything gets stolen. Its not right. Not every company offers recordered delivery so im limited where i buy from. If i get stolen this much they should have laid a trap for the postman.
  • Joe
    I send out 1000 items every month and without fail I get 10 items go missing. The corruption in the post office is shocking. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO MAKE A CLAIM!! Don't bother it's a joke, takes 2 hours to fill the form in. Somebody please privatise this useless bunch and sack half of them
  • fatcoachdriver
    If theft by Royal mail is so rare, I'd like someone to explain how my bills never get lost but every parcel gets "accidentally" opened or lost! funny that. Heres a novel idea - try delivering the mail instead of stealing it
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  • Jack
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  • Steph
    Massive cunts. My mail was sent to my door, and i was not in so a red note was left with the wrong date on it(the date of the following day) and absolutely no sign of my 'large packet' when I went to the Collection depot, every single day after that. No phone call from the managers as promised, no help at all. Fucking thieving cunts.
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