51 years service and they give you THIS?

4 January 2012

If you’d done 51 years with a company, with 32 of those years spent leading the team, you’d be looking forward to a pretty substantial leaving gift wouldn’t you?

Not so for poor old Roger Medwell of NP Aerospace – just look at what they gave the poor bastard.

roger-painting (1)


  • Federick T.
    I don't know what the problem is, I think it's a very good likeness of Joseph Merrick.
  • maxtweenie
    @ Frederick Treves - Joseph Merrick? I thought it was Josef Fritzl
  • Zleet
    Why is it seemingly being given to him by Tony Shalhoub?
  • Mr G.
    Phew! Good job he embezzled those millions before retiring...
  • Mr B.
    Looking at the previous article on the NP Aerospace news page, at least he got to cosy up to Lorraine Kelly before he left - poor sod.
  • samuri
    Ha Ha Ha
    51 years & he didn't realise he had such a talented fork-lift driver in his company.
  • Mike H.
    When the fuck did this guy start working then? He only looks 50 odd!
  • Nick T.
    Is the luckless retiree also the bloke off the Golf ad? The one in the garage who closes the car door and says "sounds like a Golf"?
  • Mark W.
    I bet he can't wait to attend the company's Pensioners Christmas Lunch next year.

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