5 ways to eat like a king for cheap during January

Christmas was less than a month ago and plenty of us are still too poor to eat, but that doesn't mean there's any respite from birthdays, engagement parties, special occasions or celebrations.Gah.

Do you resort to selling your own kidneys to afford a good noshing? Of course you don't. The credit crunch means business is slow for restaurants as well as retailers, so there are plenty of incentives to feast decadently this month:

The Malmaison
There's a dozen of these spanky hotels across the UK, and they're really are quite posh indeed. Probably too posh for the likes of you, you filthy rapscallion. But if they're willing to let you through the doors this (and next) month, you can salivate over two courses from their Home Grown & Local menu, enjoy a bottle of vino tinto or blanco (as the upper class say) and coffee for £29. Leave the tracksuit bottoms at home, mind. You'll need to register for your voucher online first, at Malmaison's website.

A classy chain of Italian restaurants that stretches across the country, that make your local Pizza Hut look like a condemned town centre takeaway. Until 5th February, there's a two-for-one offer on main courses from the a la carte menu. No need for vouchers, just walk right in - just be aware the offer isn't available on Fridays or Saturdays after 5pm.

Hotel du Vin
The sister chain of hotels and brasseries to Malmaison, and altogether a cut above in our opinion, possibly because they've only recently opened most of their 14 venues. It's a similar deal to that offered by the Malmaison - the choice of two "classic" courses, wine and coffee, all for just £29 - but it's available until the end of March. Hurrah. Again, fill in your details and print off the voucher from the Hotel du Vin website.

Top Table
If you'd like to find a venue that's entirely unique, away from the corporate dining experience, toptable.co.uk is a cracking way to do it. They've sharpened their website since we last checked in with them; as well as being able to search thousands of restaurants by location or type, you can now search every venue in the country for January offers. Perfect when you hunger for fine dining, without the high prices.

The Living Room
We reported on The Living Room's very generous 50% off voucher when it was first announced, and we've since had the chance to try it for ourselves. Twice. There's a great menu on right now, so it's worth every penny, but you've only got five days left to get in their and fill your fat faces. Check the site for restrictions (they mainly apply to Friday and Saturday nights) and as before, use the voucher on The Living Room's website.


  • 76junglist
    'Do you resort to selling your own kidneys to afford a good noshing?' Hmmm - where I come from this sentence means a whole different thing than the author meant, unless he was talking about a good old-fashoined 'blowie'
  • Mike H.
    Shit, I'd sell my kidneys for a good noshing whichever way it meant.
  • Will
    Great article :) Thanks!! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • Christopher
    Easy way to eat well cheap - University Canteens. To this day, the one on a minor campus at Aberystwyth Uni is the best place I've ever eaten. It's shut now but while it was there (~2 years ago) the cheapest meal was £1.80 (with loyalty card, available to all) and you got a whole plate of stuff for it. Puddings + custard were 50p I think, and obviously had all the Christmas / Easter / St Patricks / St Geoges / St whoever days covered. If other uni's are as cheap and good quality as that place, they beat any hotel discount voucher hands down.

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