5 tips for saving money by road and train this Summer

Bitterwallet - GeoGoer Last week we looked at cheap deals for the sea-faring pirates amongst you; this week it's a few tips for landlubbers wanting to get around on the cheap this Summer. Anymore? Of course you have - stick them in the comments please.

Buy a PlusBus ticket for £1 bus fares in June
PlusBus tickets are add-on tickets to a standard rail fare that provide a discounted bus pass for your destination town. According to the blurb, PlusBus day tickets cost just £1 and are available for 270 towns and cities across Britain. Zowzers!

There are a few exceptions, but should you be gallivanting across the country by rail next month, it may be worth a gander.

Ask friends, relatives and neighbours for their unused Oyster cards
In the year to April 2010, £29.85 million sat unspent on 16.5 million dormant Oyster cards, the PAYG cards for transport in London. Some will belong to long-gone tourists, but plenty won't be. If anyone you know has spent time in London or worked there for a while, ask if they're finished with their Oyster card - tell them you can use the card before the credit expires, although that's a whopping lie since there's no expiry date.

Book up on Eurostar for the school holidays
Eurostar is cheaper than plenty of UK train journey when booked well in advance; a return from London to Paris costs just £69 if booked now for August - this far in advance, most dates have good availability.

Share the journey, share the cost
Over the next twelve months, whenever you buy event tickets, you'll probably start seeing an option to tell other attendees where you're travelling from, so groups of you can organise a car-share or even hire a bus. That's what start-ups like GeoGoer are looking to provide - a quick and easy way to offer transport to others, or find it for yourself. GeoGoer is still in its infancy, but it's one of several sites looking to crack the market, along with liftshare.com.

Book train tickets now for the Edinburgh Fringe
If you're planning to attend this year's Fringe in August, book your train tickets now. East Coast have just opened up tickets up until August the 22nd, which means there are plenty of tickets that are dirt cheap; we've just found stacks between London and Edinburgh for just £13 each way. Tickets for the week up until the end of the Fringe will be opened up next week.


  • Steve c.
    Ah I thought you were going to talk about money saving in my car. I'll be damned if I get public transport anywhere. Most of the time if would probably be cheaper (and certainly more comfortable) to hire a whore to chauffer me round.
  • F.D. A.
    "chauffer" in french means to "warm up"... whore, warm up, more comfortable.. are we talking about transport here?
  • Steve c.
    chauffeur you twat
  • The B.
    "16.5 million dormant Oyster cards" I've got 5 broken in 2 at home, roughly 50 quids worth, I won't use them any more, shoddily built pieces of crap.

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