Yes, more of your entries for the Bitterwallet magazine compothon

19 August 2011

Time for more of your entries from our competition to design a front cover for our soon-to-launch-yet-entirely-fictional Bitterwallet magazine. COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED KLAXON - the competition is now closed.

First today, we have this minimalist effort from the mysterious Derooftrouser:


And in stark contrast, something drawn by the man with ten thumbs from avid reader Rich:


Expect to see more covers entered for our comp next week, and then it'll be our chance to vote. Please heed the sound of the klaxon, however - the deadline for submissions has now passed. Don't be the prick who sends one over the weekend because they have some spare time. We don't want it.


  • StauntonLick
    Good to see people putting in as much effort into the magazine covers as the journalism contained within. On a side note, BW is result #1 AND #2 for "WTF is dis real" on google:
  • Jamie
    So who won the comp?
  • "Redooftrouser"
    Yes - I, an impartial observer, would also like to know when the result is going to be announced.

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