£3.20 "Invisible" Knickers Surge in Debenhams Sales

With the holidays fast approaching and numerous parties planned over the next three weeks, women with fancy slinky dresses everywhere are getting so concerned about unsightly lines and bulges that Debenhams has benefited from sales of £3.20 invisible knickers soaring through the roof.

The seamless panties are so popular now that it is outselling every other style of lingerie in the chain's 150 stores by three to one, followed closely by crackers and Christmas cards. Last year, Debenhams reported that sales went up to 1,800 per cent and have doubled in the last two weeks, especially when they reduced the price from £4 to £3.20 a pair.

Many high street retailers now offer a range of invisible knickers and other types of 'shapewear' which promises to banish VPL (visible panty lines). The 'technology' behind the seam-free look is a specially-constructed stretchy polyester that fits like a second skin. The fabric is cut with a laser to make sure that the edges are sealed. It is apparently smaller than your fist, but feels very comfortable to wear. Not that I know this from experience.  But Debenhams says men may soon also benefit from a male version....


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