30,000 idiots sign up for nonsensical online tanning service

There's nothing more humiliating than being made to feel a prize twat, by people who are prize twats themselves - advertising execs. Having said that, it was in the twatees' best interest - helping them live longer and escape a lingering and painful death - so you can't go too hard on the twatters.

ComputerTan is a revolutionary online tanning service, helping you develop a healthy tan, by using the cold cathode florescent lamps (CCFLs) in your LCD monitor to emit ultra-violet light. I could go on about the virtues of tanning-while-you-type, but it's patently all utter bullshit. Still, that didn't stop 30,000 people signing up for a free trail of the non-existent service in the first 24 hours.

Of course it was a marketing campaign dreamt up by wacky bonkers folk in an advertising agency, on behalf of skin cancer charity Skcin; when you click for your free trial, you're led through to a screen that begins the tanning session but then melts away to show cancerous growths eating people's faces. Not the prettiest sight, but then that's the point; more people die in the UK from skin cancer every year, than in Australia.

Obviously the more that can be done to raise the awareness of skin cancer and the like, the better. Still, 30,000 people thinking they can get a suntan off a monitor; natural selection is going to get them sooner or later.


  • MattS
    I saw the ad today on the London underground. Had to check the date to make sure I hadn't lost a couple of months of life life, thinking it may be April 1st. New there was something behind it, but couldn't be bothered checking it out myself. I doubt anyone actually believed it (well, I hope they didn't). More likely they were just curious to find out what is was all really about.
  • God F.
    [...] bless the UK education system..... HERE God help us [...]
  • Amanda H.
    Idiots, I'll stick with my trusty remote control thanks.
  • GreenEyes
    I assume you (Paul) was one of the 30 000 ? I am sure most of them were simply curious what its all about. Not actually thinking to get some sun tan :))) ppl just have too much time on their hands. Dont be so critical :)
  • Liddle m.
    @ GreenEyes ~ * I/he/she/it WAS * we/you/they WERE * (Gomen nasai!) @ Paul - your closing line was a good one. Topical too. Here's to another 200 years of progress!
  • Andy
    Wondered why everyone with a CRT was the whitest of the white!
  • The B.
    "more people die in the UK from skin cancer every year, than in Australia." That's because Australians have to deal with skin cancer on a regular basis, I used to live with an Aussie who had had skin cancer 5 times in Oz, it came back while he was over here and the doctors didn't know what to do, eventually he flew home and had it treated because the UK docotors don't know their arse from their elbow.
  • Liddle m.
    @ The Real Bob - I'm sorry to hear about your friend and hope it was cleared up successfully. But your anecdote does beg the question: did he have it on his arse or his elbow?
  • Rob
    MattS - never underestimate peoples capacity to be buffoons (re the number of people Ive seen trying to use mice on the monitor screen etc etc)
  • Alan
    This was done years ago by a Scottish company as an April Fool.

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