3 ways to see more movies - free tickets, half-price and unlimited

Hurrah for runpee.com, a handy reference to the points in the latest cinema releases when you can justify nipping out for a quick waz - while characters are entrenched in providing inconsequential backstory, actors are phoning in their lines, the plot is lost in a black hole of loud explosions, and so on. In other words, pretty much the entirety of Terminator: Salvation.

So now you have a website that ensures you get better value for money by seeing all the best bits, here are three ways for you to pay less (or nothing at all) in the first place:

Sign-up for free tickets

SeeFilmFirst is a clearing house for tickets to preview showings - sometimes they've got thousands to give away, sometimes barely a brace of the blighters. There's no catch - just register your details - but you then have to watch your inbox like a caffeinated hawk; tickets can be snapped up by other subscribers within moments of an email arriving, so you've got to be quick. That said, they've given away tickets to most the recent blockbusters, so it's worth signing up for.

For the completest, there's also The Film Factory, which offers tickets to preview screenings of productions associated with Disney.

Text for half-price tickets

Orange Wednesdays is a perfect way to hammer down the cost of admission prices. If you're an Orange customer, you'll already know to text the word FILM to 241 (it costs 35 pence) and get two admissions at a participating cinema (the majority of mainstream cinemas) for the price of one (not strictly half-price, but you see what we mean).

Not an Orange customer? Not to worry - PAYG customers can also take advantage of Orange Wednesdays. Order a SIM card for free from Orange and get £5 free credit when you top it up with £10; you'll probably recoup that money in just two visits. Then just slip the SIM into your handset come Wednesday (assuming your phone is unlocked) and you'll have two tickets for the price of one.

And you'll also be entitled to a 2 for 1 deal at Pizza Express. Aces.

Unlimited movies, at least until you go blind

If only every cinema group had the nurries to offer an unlimited pass to the silver screen. Cineworld has an unlimited pass, and it's a belter. £13.50 per month gets you into as screenings of any film at any time, at any one of 70 cinemas in the UK (four London venues are excluded). So if your local is a Cineworld and you venture to the flicks more than twice a month, it's a winnah, I tells ya.


  • Bishop
    why didn't I know Orange wednesday was available to payg customers too??? (orders sim card) thanx!!
  • Chris H.
    I've been signed up to seefilmfirst for a while and not had a single email from them, I've got every code for the 5 or so films I've seen for free via hotukdeals. Apparently they run the codes in association with various websites and sometimes magazines, so it takes someone with a keen eye to spot them and post them on the internet. Thats not to say that no-one gets emails from them, just that I never have in the 18 months or so I've been signed up.
  • tay
    Get a bird that works for the cinema, worked for me! Had free films for 7 years now.
  • Robin
    It's worth noting that the Cineworld card and Orange Wednesdays can be used in conjunction - effectively getting your chosen friend a free ticket every Wednesday!
  • magicbeans
    love the pee time for hannah montana!!!
  • Sidney W.
    Thanks for the blog post. It was a really great read..

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