£250,000 Luxury 2 Bedroom Home Complete with Spa and Plasma TV... for Your Dog

While most of us barely make enough in our day job(s) to cover rent and bills, an anonymous surgeon from Gloucestershire has just forked out £250k on a luxury pad...for her 2 dogs.

The Great Dane Owner commissioned to have the 2 bedroom house built, so that each of her dogs have their own rooms with big bay windows overlooking their playground at the exclusive 550-acre Lower Mill Estate on the Cotswolds Water Park, near Cirencester. Luxuries at the house include sheepskin lined temperature control beds, a 52 inch plasma TV and a spa (click on the photo to right to see design details)

And that's only the beginning.  There's also automated food and water dispensers with drinking bowls that clean themselves up, a £150k sound system (because dogs obviously know how to appreciate Chopin more than humans), and a retinal scanner to stop other animals (and humans) from entering.

Of course, there's also geothermal heating, solar and wind power generators, you know, because it's so environmentally friendly.  Can I karmically request that I be a dog in my next life?  Woof? Grrr...

[Daily Mail via Born Rich]

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