2 in 3 loaves have pesticides in them

bread Did you have some toast this morning before you set off for work? Have you been sat on the sofa aimlessly eating dry bread straight out of the packet while thinking of ending it all?

Well, chances are, you've been eating pesticides.

Turns out that two in every three loaves of bread sold in the UK contain one pesticide residue. This is according to the government who have been doing analysis and wanted to share the data with us all. Tests on loaves showed that 25% of them contained residues of more than one pesticide.

Nick Mole, at Pesticide Action Network UK (Pan UK) and an author of the new report, said: "There is the possibility of harm from the repeated ingestion of low doses of pesticides and no one has done research on the impact of the cocktails of pesticides we are all exposed to. We are all being experimented on without our consent."

Yet no-one has died or grown an extra eye.

The Guardian have been doing their own studies, looking at the differences between organic and conventional food and deduced that "pesticides were found four times more often on conventional fruit, vegetables and cereals." Funny that. The Guardian being hippies about food.

Mole accused the pesticide companies, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the National Farmers’ Union of having a "cosy" relationship. "The UK’s pesticide action plan was particularly weak,” he said. “Pesticides need to be used last, if at all, at the moment they are the first choice."

How on Earth are we going to cope? And will Guardian readers stop baking their own loaves for long enough to show patronising concern for the poor people eating factory produced bread?

More on this when we get it.


  • jim
    Tests on loaves showed that 25% of them contained residues of more than one pesticide. that would be 1 in 4 then. not 2 in 3 as the headline reads? 2 in 3 is 66% 1 in 4 is 25%
  • jim
    25% is 1 in 4 not 2 in 3 show my comment this time
  • debby g.
    I got pesticide poisoning 10 yrs ago just by using a head lice solution sold to us .It is still on the market KP24.it has Maldison in it as the pesticide and I had a reaction to it as did my daughter and the end result was ending up with a over heightened immunes system and down to 10 foods only that are safe for me to eat.They say my body will recover I would like to know when after 10 yrs of waiting .
  • Jonny F.
    More concerning is the daily consumption of dairy milk products which cause immune system responses as the body detects them as foreign bodies. Who know, drinking a cows milk eh?
  • Random G.
    I'm on that caveman diet; Eat and drink things as you would find them if we were cavemen Meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, fruits etc are all ok when fresh (I dont mind frozen stuff too) but no processed chicken etc, you don't know what ends up in it Preparation is ok obviously, I grill or roast most of my meats now, no added oils or ready made sauces. Feel like a new person, new energy levels, everyone should try it!
  • Anon
    @Random Guy - I am on the seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it.
  • What
    Random guy where are you getting vegetables from as a caveman would eat them? Modern vegetables have been altered dramatically through gene manipulation by farmers using selection of desirable characteristics is that ok? Can you eat home made bread and pasta?

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