£2 coin ban in self-service checkouts spreads...

moneyYou thought the biggest supermarket self-checkout swizz was taking carrier bags without paying for them didn’t you? Notwithstanding the guy who stole hundreds of pounds worth of products by putting them all through the scales as “loose onions” of course. Well it turns out there’s a bigger scam, which was making Morrisons by far the cheapest place to shop- passing off foreign currency as £2 coins.

Apparently, the coin-recognising computer in Morrisons isn’t so hot on the £2 coin, and has been allowing some shady punters to put foreign coins in instead of the £2. Now the coin that might first spring to mind as looking a bit like the £2 coin is the €2 coin, which isn’t worth £2, but is perhaps close enough for retailers not to worry too much. However, it seems the tills are also struggling to differentiate between a £2 coin and a Thai ten baht piece (18p) and an Iranian 250 rial (worth a massive 1p). The scam is costing Morrisons so much that they have decided to stop accepting £2 coins in their self-service tills until they can fix the problem.

But it doesn’t stop there. Today the Co-op have announced that they too are investigating their self-service tills to make sure they cannot be similarly fleeced, but have stopped short of issuing a ban just yet. Tesco and Sainsbury’s report no problems with £2 coin recognition.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “A number of stores have had foreign currency passed off as £2 coins at self-checkouts. While we fix the issue, we have temporarily stopped them accepting any £2 coins, but customers are still free to use them at all manned checkouts.”

"We apologise for any inconvenience it is causing but don’t expect the fix to take long.”

Morrisons say the new improved machines should be up and running “soon”, but until then, if you want to spend your Thai or Iranian currency, you’d better pop down to your local Co-op…


  • Mr M.
    Morrisons already have the worst self check-outs - you have to reach around the machine to go from scanning to placing it into your bag.
  • Daniel L.
    You never complained when you had to reach around on me.
  • NTP
    This flaw only affects Wincor Nixdorf machines (which Morrisons and the Co-op use). It doesn't affect NCR machines (used by Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's).
  • Alexis
    I thought it was just me - Mr Miagi is right. Their cheaply machines can only be used if you have orangutang arms

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