Alliance & Leicester pretend to give away money

alliance-leicesterBanks. They're all a shower of shark-eyed greed mongers aren't they? They charge you for even thinking about missing a direct debit payment that you set up yourself and managed online with very little input by them. They never do anything good for you and have the barefaced cheek to stick an all-singing, all-dancing Howard in our faces.

However, Alliance & Leicester are getting all touchy-feely by offering £100 to you for completely free! How's about that? Isn't that lovely of them? What kind hearted souls they are. Hang on, what's this. Hello smallprint.

See, A&L are offering this bung to anyone who opens a Premier Current Account. However, the offer isn't available to anyone who has a current account with the following: A&L, Abbey, Cahoot or Cater Allen.  Also, to qualify for your hundred quid, you have to switch all your direct debits to the new account as well as making a deposit of at least £500.

They promise junk like no fees on overdrafts and 0.5 per cent interest is paid on balances up to £2,500 and 0.1 per cent on balances above that amount. Thrilling. The fun and games don't stop there either. Those fun-filled A&L guys are offering account holders under 65 free annual multi-trip European holiday insurance. Anyone over 65 will presumably die quite soon and be no use to A&L or something.

One thing they haven't thought about is just how much of a pain in the rear sorting all that lot out is. Anyone with anything resembling a life won't see the promise of 0.5 per cent interest and think 'sod going to the pub! I've got forms to fill in!' are they?

You are? You make me sick.

If you want to find out more about it these words that are a different colour.

IT'S not often banks hand out free money, but high street brand Alliance & Leicester are currently offering a £100 cash bonus for anyone opening a Premier Current Account.

It could be a great deal for you but before you dive in — like all offers from these wily banker chaps — remember to check the small print.

No 1. The offer isn't available to anyone with an existing A&L, Abbey, Cahoot or Cater Allen current account — or who has had one of these accounts in the past three months.

No 2. To qualify for the £100, you must also switch existing direct debits to the new account and deposit at least £500 within the first three months.

But there are extra benefits.

There are no fees on overdrafts arranged during the first 12 months, 0.5 per cent interest is paid on balances up to £2,500 and 0.1 per cent on balances above that amount. It's not masses but with interest rates so low, every little helps.

And good news too for keen travellers. All account holders under 65 also get free annual multi-trip European holiday insurance.

Amazingly a huge proportion of the UK still bank with the same company they did when they were students.

But switching accounts does not have to be a hassle. It's simple, takes only a few minutes and your new bank or building society will happily take you through it step-by-step.


  • Gimbo
    I got my £100 with little to no hassle. You fill in an online form which takes minutes. They then send you a letter and you have to tick the direct debits you want to switch and sign the bottom. Obviously you get paid too much, as I thought 5 minutes work for £100 was a proper bargain.
  • PC L.
    I have this account, it was pretty painless to set up, no need to switch direct debits in my case....just set up a £500 standing order to it then send it back to my main account the following week. Got the free £100 and used the travel insurance last week....since they have been doing this for over a year it hardly seems newsworthy, but then this is not the first (and probably not the last) time I have followed a link to this site just to find an article that was probably written on the back of some toilet roll in the W.C. Im off to the pub too, the beer mats would probably make more interesting reading
    • Andy D.
      Hi Tosh, You've been sporadically threatening to fuck off for four months now (under a variety of aliases) - when are you actually going to get round to it?
  • Rhianne
    Got my £100 about 5 weeks after I opened the account. I also got £50 via so I had £150 for nothing. Can't really complain about that.
  • Paul
    Who the chuff is Mof Gimmers? Might go get myself a free £100.
  • Paul
    By "Who the chuff...", I of course mean "why aren't they listed over there on the right?"
  • Rhianne
    Make sure you sign up to quidco first Paul, get an extra £50!
  • Paul
    Thanks Rhianne, never used Quidco but I'm on topcashback where they have the same offer :D
  • Rhianne
    With regards to switching the direct debits, you only have to give A&L your bank details, they contact your bank, find out what ones you have, send the list to you, tick tick tick, thanks for my £100.00. Easiest £100 I've ever made. :)
  • Tom P.
    £150 (with Quidco) sounds good. Do you have to close your old current account to take up this offer?
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I like FREE MONEY, so i will go for this.
  • Rich
    A&L they will do everything they can to rob much more than £150 back off you. Short term gains for long term pain. Avoid!

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