HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 4th September

hukd_logob1Yes! It’s True Or False Friday! Bargains galore from HotUKDeals married to some statements about said bargains that may or may not be factual. You have to decide if they are or not. You lucky people.

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461691THE DEAL:  The Stylophone. Vintage nonsense organ now repackaged for confused youngsters and nostalgic old buffers. Still, £8.99 for the instrument that appeared on Space Oddity ain’t bad.

TRUE OR FALSE?  In 1974, 300,000 unsold Stylophones were fired into outer space by NASA, along with convicted serial killer James ‘Lefty’ Hickson. They disappeared from radar a day later and it is unknown what became of them.

461176THE DEAL:  Kit Kat’s new chunky caramel bars. Rumoured to be a replacement for the peanut flavoured bar, which is an utter travesty. Still, at 23p a go for the chunky caramel, we’re not going to start marching on the Kit Kat HQ just yet.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Until 1964, all caramel contained a small, harmless amount of heroin.

461601THE DEAL:  An inflatable cowboy and horse fancy dress costume – only £22.82. The horse is inflated with a built in fan-type contraption, making you the talk of any funeral, court appearance or health and safety briefing.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The notion that cowboys rode on the backs of horses is largely a myth. Most of them travelled on square-wheeled bicycles, inspired by the Mr Men story, ‘Mr Silly’.

(deals found by HUKD members kevw, GW19 and skusey)

TRUE OR FALSE: Today’s statements are all FALSE.

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