100-Year Old Shopkeeper Of The Day

He was born in the same year that Woolworths were founded – not only has he seen them off, but he’s also just celebrated his 100th birthday. He’s very probably Britain’s oldest shopkeeper, ladies and gentlemen, he’s Jack Yaffe.


His shop in Prestwich, Greater Manchester has been going for 75 years and is open on bank holidays and even Christmas Day. It’s a veritable Aladdin’s Cave and looks like the archetypal grandfather’s shed but Jack says he plans to expand over the next hundred years, opening 560 bric-a-brac shops around the country as well as selling iPhones and glitter glue.

Okay, so we made the last bit up, but it’s been a pretty slow news day so far. We’ll be toasting another 100-year old shopkeeper TOMORROW and later in the week we’ll have a picture of a 278-year old tortoise.



  • P E.
    looking at that picture .... can we be certain that he isnt dead?
  • mike h.
    is that madame tussauds?
  • Mike H.
    So you lied about Jack selling Glitter Glue? I travelled all the way to Manchester for my Glitter glue on Chrimbo day and he doesn't fuckin' sell any! How dare he call himself, shopkeeper!
  • andy y.
    has someone inserted a swaledale sheep into his chest?
  • foodriots
    Proud supplier to gluies since 1979
  • andy y.
    looks like a cyrstal meth lab to me
  • Andy
    "looks like a cyrstal meth lab to me" Yeah... thats way too many clenaing products for one man to sell :P
  • si
    its a family run shop his dad still handles all the deliverys on his bike and his mum does the books
  • Groaver
    Do you think he still sells fork handles?
  • The B.
    The problem is if he moves out of that chair all the piles of crap around him will fall over and engulf him like a citizen of ancient Pompei, the fire brigade are trying to shore the structure and make it stable as we speak, but the poor ole fella's gagging for a dump and the tortoise head is straining against his longjohns.
  • si
    he has no customers because the shop smells of pee
  • Amanda H.
    100? B&Q will send a scout out for him. Or maybe a brownie.

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