10 ways to pour good money down the drain

Bitterwallet - Which!Which! (as Bitterwallet rebranded them earlier in the year) have squeezed out their latest bit of media-baiting PR, and this time it's the top ten useless financial products.

According to their chemically-enhanced testing monkeys, it's a list of direct debits and annual payments you can probably cut from your budget without losing sleep or living a shorter life:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Extended warranties
  • Structured products
  • ID fraud cover
  • Payment protection insurance
  • Secured loans
  • Store cards
  • Debt management plans
  • With profits
  • Packaged accounts

Unsurprisingly, it not a black and white list. It's true you can usually receive mobile insurance by paying a small excess on your home insurance, but then packaged accounts that include lower rates of interest on overdrafts, free insurance policies and the like can often return more financial advantages. The inclusion of store cards with an outrageously high APR - Which! quotes 29.9% in their example - is included to continue the publication's grand tradition of stating the bleeding obvious.


  • Nobby
    They don't mention using drains as money boxes. I found that once I cut that out, I was pouring less money down the drain.
  • James D.
    To be fair the average Which reader is probably blissfully unaware of such money sinks. I'm not implying anything other than them being stupid cunts.
  • Wonky H.
    I'm sure if I cut the direct debit to my secured loan the lovely people at the bank would pay a visit.
  • Guybrush T.
    What about magazine subscriptions?
  • blagga
    I think this is alarmingly identical to the list they put out last year... Also, please be congratulated for providing next week's "is this racist?" entry with "Unsurprisingly, it not a black and white list."
  • Chris
    What is wrong with a store card? As long as you pay it off in full at the end of the month no interest is charged. With some shops you also get some benefits by using it.
  • i f.
    Store cards are for girls Chris.
  • i f.
    ...That is why I have one...
  • Kev
    "What is wrong with a store card? As long as you pay it off in full at the end of the month no interest is charged." Famous last words.
  • Steve
    So my MacBook Pro that cost me £1300 and 3 year extended cover that I bought for £329, that then bought me a new macbook when a mate spilt a drink on it, that's not worth it??
  • Jase
    Agree with Chris on the Mac issue. ~£100 a year is a bargain on something that's more than likely going to suffer some misfortune. I'd say the same for iPhone too. 7 guys at work have iPhones, most bought some sort of extended warranty. In the 3 months I've been working there I've seen 3 of them use it because of some sort of fumble.
  • Wonky H.
    Either Steve and Jase obviously spend the rest of the week in Comet flogging these warranties and just can't stop come the weekend, or if you buy an Apple product you are so retarded you help yourself from smashing it up with a few months. Unless of course you know different.
  • Wonky H.
    sorry, so retarded you cant help yourself...... excuse me I'm a little pissed up.
  • Nobby
    iPad users especially are a target on the tube. I've "accidently" bumped into people using one (or rather showing off that they have one). I haven't managed to make one drop theirs yet though.
  • Mike H.
    Nobby, you need to punch them in the face, that usually works for me, they drop their iPad/iPhone and run off crying, mummy, mummy!
  • Learn P.
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